Distance Learning Week 4- Audubon Park School

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Message from Mr. Honohan

Good Evening APS School Family,

The Governor announced all Florida K-12 schools will remain closed and distance learning will continue for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. There will be more details to come this week, and we will update you as we get new information.

  • New Office Hours – beginning this week, all OCPS schools and work sites will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our office hours will continue to be 9 AM – 2 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • New Grab-and-Go Info- Beginning Monday, April 20, the district’s FREE Grab-and-Go meal distribution will only be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10am-1pm. Children will receive meals on Monday for Tuesday, and on Wednesday for Thursday. Weekend meals will continue to be distributed on Fridays. This is in an effort to keep more individuals at home to reduce exposure to others.The FREE Grab and Go school sites can be found on the front page of the district’s website:

Rest assured our APS Administration, Teachers and Staff are committed to keeping students engaged and learning momentum moving forward.

Mr. Reilly has been working with students to create superhero drawings. He drew this one of me.

Thank you Students, Teachers, Parents and Partners for stepping up as superheroes to support our APS School Community during these unprecedented times.

Trevor Honohan

Principal, APSK8

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Guidance News from Mrs. Johnson

A note from Guidance…

Distance learning is a new and overwhelming experience at times for students, teachers and the parents! With time and patience we will get through this!!

It is still super important that your child continue focus on their classes and complete the coursework. I am reaching out to many students and parents to let them know if they are in danger of failing. According to FL State Statue 1003.4156, in order to be promoted from middle school to high school, students must successfully earn academic credit in their 4 core subject areas each academic year. If your child does not pass one of their core classes, I will be reaching out again in May to invite them to summer school to assist in fulfilling this State Statue.

Governor DeSantis did discontinue all statewide standardized assessments and waiver EOC requirements. However, if your child is currently in Algebra 1, they will STILL need to take the EOC at the next available testing date. These exact dates are currently not known. Gov. DeSantis is still requiring students to complete this requirement for High School graduation. Civics and Geometry EOC’s do not need to be made up.

I am available from 9-2 for video sessions and support for students and families and will be assisting with Edgenuity support and answering emails from 1-3PM. Please let me know if I can help you or your child in any way. I can be reached through email at or through Google Voice at 321-926-1532.

Helpful Tips from Mrs. Johnson

1. Create a SCHEDULE: just like school, you will work best if you have structure and routine. It will help you to not forget things (like checking in your classes for attendance).

2. Get up and DRESSED for school: It’s nice to stay in PJ’s but your brain thinks it’s still a lazy Saturday. Get up and ready for school to get yourself mentally prepared.

3. Check Canvas DAILY: Many teachers are posting things for the week but every once in a while a new announcement will come. Read your announcements and emails daily to keep in touch with your teachers.

4. Don’t RELY on the Canvas Calendar: Not all assignments are getting tied with the Canvas calendar. Look for your assignments on the home page, announcements, and/or modules.

5. USE YOUR PLANNER: Since the canvas calendar doesn’t include everything, make sure you write down all of your assignments in your planner (you will NOT remember them all on your own). Cross off your assignments as you turn them in.

6. Set an ALARM: Using an alarm on your phone or computer can help you to remember to check in with your teachers for attendance, turn in an assignment or to just take a break.

7. Take BREAKS: In school you get a class change/break every 46 minutes. Do this at home too. Your brain needs a break from the computer screen. Walk to the kitchen for a drink of water, walk around the outside of your house to get fresh air, or do a couple Yoga poses.

8. ASK for help: If you are still finding yourself lost and confused, ask for help. Your teachers are there to help you. You just need to ask.

I'm adding one more...

9. Be HONEST: If you're overwhelmed or are falling behind, please tell your parents and/or vintage your teachers. We care about your success and we're here to help you. But you have to take ownership and responsibility for your work or lack thereof.

This is a challenge for all of us. But if we work together as a team, we can and we will get through this... TOGETHER.

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Click here to be in the Pet Parade on the News

We're having a Virtual Pet Parade next week on Falcon News. Submit a picture or video of you & your pet. Plus, tell us your favorite thing about your pet.

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Click to download FREE Coronavirus book for children

Check out this free download children's book about Coronavirus from Candlewick Press​:

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Falcon News 04.17.20
FalconNews 04 15 20

Who's next? We're featuring Falcon Families saying The Pledge of Allegiance on our Falcon News show each week. Interested? Get the details on uploading your video and sign up here.

Create cards for health care workers, first responders and essential workers

Our students and families are appreciative of our community's essential workers, like those at our local Publix Builders' Club created cards and sponsor Mrs. Maier delivered. Remember to show your support to our health care workers, first responders and essential workers. You can mail your card to our school (Attn: Officer Vance) and SRO Vance will deliver to those workers as he is out on patrol around the community. Create and mail yours today!

Support our APS Partners in Education

One of our last photos from the last day before Spring Break.... Our valued Partner in Ed Yum Yum Pops visited and brought sweet treats for our students after school. Yum Yum Pops has supported our school through give-back profits since our school opened. We hope you'll please consider ordering some frozen & healthy treats for your home. FREE DELIVERY ON FRIDAYS! (minimum 10 pops/$3.00 each) Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Ginger, Mango, Watermelon Mist, Orange Cream, Chocolate Banana Sea Salt. Full box $69.00 (25 pops) $36.00 (12 pops)
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Florida Department of Health Survey

As Florida continues to work to fight the spread of COVID-19, the FDH launched a new survey, Stronger Than COVID-19 Community Action Survey. This survey is intended for Florida residents to anonymously answer a brief series of questions which the Department will use to help inform and improve the state’s response to COVID-19. The survey can be accessed HERE.

Need Wifi?

Local ISPs took the Keep America Connected Pledge for low/no cost services during school closures for new customers. (Note: For Students in Middle School grades, HOTSPOTS are available from our school that will connect up to 5 devices. Fill out 6th - 8th HOTSPOT form here:





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