Norfolk Junior High

Briana Hopp

Sleep ,Child ,Sleep

On September 24, 2014, a night so perfect, a little kid named Wee Willie Wonka was trying to sleep.The clock struck 7:45. It was so close to eight, but he just couldn’t fall asleep. He got so bored so quickly, he didn’t know what to do. He then decided to go run around town to see if the rest of the children were sleeping. He left his house at 7:50. He ran through the town dressed in his nightgown running up and down the stairs. He rapped on every window asking all the parents“ Are the children all in bed? For it is now eight o’clock.” After stopping at all the houses asking the same question over and over again he grew tired and hungry. He traveled back home, ate a sandwich, had a warm glass of milk, and soon after he fell asleep.Snoring in his sleep all you could hear was, “It is now eight o’clock.” Goodnight Wee Willie Wonka.


Most of us have danced before at a prom or a wedding, but that is just for fun. Dance is a way to express yourself through movement. Dance moves/steps are mostly organized so beginning dancers are able to learn and independently use those moves. When dance moves are by themselves, the appropriateness should be used to a song, also. You can do one dance move right after the other, so they tend to blur into each other, so they look like one dance move all together. Dance is almost always memorized by eight counts, but sometimes just with the beat of the song. You have some important moves you have to know. An example of one is spotting. You spot when you turn. You have to spot, otherwise you get really dizzy and if you spot you can do more turns at a time. Tap is one of many kinds of dances. A triple time step is a move in tap. It is where you stomp, hop, leap, shuffle, ballchange, step, then stomp and repeat yourself. Most common dances are tap, jazz, ballet, and hiphop. Ballet is now a type of dance. You can use ballet in almost any type of dance. It goes to slow music. The Nutcracker is an example of ballet. Hip hop is a fast type of dance. With hip hop you can do break dance moves. It is one way to release anger. It is easier with this kind of dance, because you go fast and you get to bring any kind of attitude you want to it. Now unlike hip hop and ballet, jazz is fast but slow moving. It is more of something people like to do because you bring your originality into the dance, so you feel like you’re showing who you are and feeling comfortable like it is all about nobody else. Dance like nobody’s watching, Love like you’ve never been hurt,Sing like no ones listening, and live heaven on earth.

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Insidious 2

Lorraine Lambert’s son, Josh Lambert, sees the dead, more so of the spirit world. She brings Elise to help her out. They put him in a trance and he speaks out to someone. He stands up and points to a door. The door opens and closes. Elise stays with Josh when he was older. Elise was killed soon after. Josh and Renai’s son, Foster sees things from the spirit world like his dad did. Renai is having the police check it out. While they check it out, they all temporarily move to an old house of Lorraine’s. Renai is being haunted by a woman in white. Josh has a very strange behavior at home. Wanting answers, Lorraine tries to find Elises partners Specs and Tucker. The bad childhood that lay here haunts the Lamberts.

It is PG13

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Briana Hopp was recognized as a marvelous teacher at Norfolk High School for the last 15 years. She went to school at Norfolk High School and was very competitive at Speech and Cross country. After graduating, at Norfolk High School she went to UNO to major in math. In high school, she worked at Walmart. When she is done with college, she becomes a math teacher. She is happily married with four children. She still is a math teacher. She works at Norfolk High school. She is tall and skinny. With teaching kids, she runs and crochets on her free time. She successfully achieved her dreams. She did not become anything like her dad and she lives in a nice house. In the summer with nothing to do, she likes to take family trips. She wants to go to Texas this summer. She would really like to visit Grand Island again. She would also like to go back to India to see the kids she helped, by making a well for them, so they can have clean water.