Different Typs of Servants

By Kaci Smith


Did you know that indentured servants can start at age 7 and work and be freed at age 16. Indentured Servants are cool and sad at the sometime and their is both in what I am going to tell you about. House Servants worked for rich people but had nowhere to sleep. Slaves Families can get split up from each other. Those are my there subheadings.

Indentured Servants

Indentured Servants had a lot of things that they had to do and were not appreciated. First, indentured servants are people that work without wages. People thought that slaves were nice but did not give them credit. When slaves were caught and sold. After they were sold they were put to work. last, some slaves tried to run away. Next, they can get sold at an AUCTION. Last, people should have been nicer to them after all they do your chores.

Slave Families

Save families can help each other and work together. First,owners do menu things to their slaves. Like ENCOURAGE slaves to get married and have kids so they have more slaves. Also slaves were bought,sold ,and traded by colonists. People split up some families. Those are all facts about slave families.

House Servants

House Servants did all of the work. First,the owners did not give the slaves a bed they had to sleep on the stairs. The servants took care of the house. After that, they might do every chore in the house and make supper. That is what house servants do and were they sleep.


Those were my three subheadings and I hope you liked them. Indentured servants have more facts and you can read about them. Slave families are cool but not when they are split up a girl named QUASHEBA her family was a slave family. House servants did all of the work in the house. That is my 5 paragraph and I hope you liked it.


Auction: A public sale at which things are sold to the people who offer to pay the most.

Encourage: To make someone more determined, hopeful, or confident.

Quasheba: Quasheba was a young women that awoke with a sinking feeling on Saturday.


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Online: Indentured Servants