iTunes and Google Play Comparison

Brett Holcomb

Areas of Foucus Within the Store

Both Of the online stores are trying to make everything look simple and clean. iTunes is more centered around having all of the categories right in front of you to pick from the one you desire. The Google play store is moving towards the stuff they want you to see, because the first thing you'll see when opening it is only a few categories of top games, hit movies, etc. with a limited selection bar.

Price Difference

Both stores have the same amount of free apps, but Google play has more of theirs prices unevenly. iTunes has more apps priced at 99 cents but Google has some prices like 1.29 and 2.29. By looking at it, it seems like Google is more expensive.

Layout On Mobile Store

Both of the layouts are very similar. they have the featured apps, highest grossing, top paid, and top free. But iTunes has an anchored dock that is always on the screen, giving you options like search, updates, top charts featured and popular near me. While most phones with android OS have buttons on the bottom of the phone. The two stores are very different online. Google play has a simple modern-looking design without many categories to pick from. iTunes is very straight forward, when you click on the "iTunes" button it brings you to a list of categories.

Using Both

To use Google's store, you need to have a device that supports the app, and you need to sign up for a Google account. Google makes you sign up for using YouTube, G-mail etc. so chances are you probably already have one. They want you to have one account for everything Google owns, which includes the Google play store.
Using iTunes is a similar process. They make you enter all of your payment information, address, email, etc. But they don't make you sign up for an email with Apple, like Google does to access the Play Store. And iTunes doesn't have additional services like Google does.

Exclusive Apps

Apple definitely has more exclusive apps to their market vs. Google. One of the apps i like that isn't on the Google store is 'Find My iPhone'. The app basically does what is says in the title. If you loose your phone and are signed up with the apps services, (which are free) you can go on someone else's phone or on the computer and check the exactly location, erase all of the data in case its stolen, check the battery percentage, and tell the phone to make a sound so you can find it.

Quality of Both

In my opinion Apple was the first to enter the market and they have the better quality developers. The better the developers, the better the apps. The data shows there are clearly more people using the app store vs. the play store. Top developers tend to lean towards the app store when deigning an app because there's more money to be made from the large amount of people using it.

Approval Process

Apple has a more streamlined process than Google does. Once you pay a one-time fee for a developers license with Apple, you can submit any apps with the help of an SDK. When the app store was first created, it took around two weeks to wait for approval of an app. now it only takes a few days. And Apple has introduced improved feedback. They've also tried to make sure that apps have an actual purpose, and aren't just around to be a domain for advertising.

With the Android/Google market you need to register as a developer also. The fee is priced at 25 dollars for a developers license. But to pay you need to have a Google checkout account. Then you submit the application package, along with at least two screen shots and a high res. icon for the app. Google is more likely to have buggy apps because the submission process is easier to complete and just about anyone can do it.