Comparative Poetry Analysis

Haley Allen hour 2


Every poem isn't ever the same as another, they all have something different about them. The poet is gonna have a different way to get the point across to the reader. Whether its from the structure of the poem to the figurative language the poet uses. Throughout my writing I will be talking about the poets word choice, form and structure, and figurative language. "Prayer to the Pacific" and "Problems with Hurricanes" are the two poems I will be comparing.


Structure, form, word choice, tone, and figurative language are all part of author's style. Author's style affects the poem because his or her work will affect the way the reader will interpret it. The theme of "Prayer of the Pacific" is that this world has so much that hasn't been discovered yet. In "Problem with Hurricanes" the overall theme is you should watch out for all innocent things because they might be harmful.