Play, Learn, & Grow in 4K

October 11th

Pumpkin Patch is Thursday, October 17th!

Please watch for a letter in backpacks Monday the 14th with information regarding the field trip including times, expectations, and reminders to help the trip go smoothly.
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Library Book Reminder

Library books are due back each Tuesday. If your child does not return their book, they will not be able to check out a new book until we receive the past weeks book back as according to library policy. If you lose your book, please contact us so we can get you in touch with the librarian on what your next steps should be. Thanks!

4K Reminders

  • With the changing weather jackets and hats are becoming necessities. In 4K the expectation is that students are able to independently dress themselves for the weather, including zippers/buttons, boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, etc. Please start practicing these skills at home to help students adjust when at school!
  • Please have your child go to the bathroom before arriving to school, we are finding more and more students who come in and immediately need to go. We take 2 full group bathroom breaks, 1 after recess and 1 after snack, and a 3rd bathroom break for those who say they need to go towards the end of play centers before heading home.
  • Conferences are coming up. If you have not yet, please sign up on the link provided by Cathe Sweet. Please be mindful that our conferences are 15 minutes each and that I must stay on time to ensure families with multiple children are able to make it to their other conference times, so your promptness is much appreciated!
  • With cold and flu season upon us please reinforce good hygiene habits with your children including how to cough/sneeze into your elbow and how to blow and wipe your nose. We give these reminders daily in school and are staying on top of washing hands as much as possible, but making that connection between school and home always helps!
  • Book orders are due today, October 11th. Please submit online through Scholastic if you plan to order books!


We have started our new routine of daily centers. In the math center this week students have been working in a small group with Mrs. Kaufman to go over shape names, using stencils to trace shapes, and cut the shapes out to practice fine motor skills. We are still focusing on being able to name and draw our 8 main shapes: rectangle, square, triangle, circle, oval, star, heart, and rhombus.

During handwriting we have extended our knowledge of shapes to help us learn how to draw a house using simple shapes. We talked about how the size of our house must be large enough for people to live inside and that the base of a house is a square, the roof a triangle, a chimney a rectangle, squares for windows, etc. This will continue to come up and be related to our mat man drawings especially when we draw pictures to tell stories in our journals.


In our daily center routine students have been working in small groups with Mrs. Knutson to focus in on practicing our names and the beginning of our alphabet. Each student has a puzzle with their name they put together and they have been working on tracing their name and then copying the name independently the best they can with support from Mrs. Knutson. Students have then also been working on pointing to each letter and saying the alphabet on an alphabet chart - this can be tricky to follow with fingers and eyes and is a great skill to practice at home. We then worked on capital letters ABCDEF where the children matched letter magnets to the letter on the alphabet chart to make the connection between the physical letter and the chart and recognize what each letter looks like.

In our handwriting lessons we have started talking about colors. This week we looked at red and green by first reading stories containing the colors and then having children color pictures in their handwriting book using that color. We are still working on learning the difference between scribbling (quick lines) and coloring (careful, slow brushes) and we have been using the individual colors to help with these skills.

Social/Emotional Growth

We are continuing to use our Second Step program to help guide us in our 4K rules of being kind, respectful, responsible and safe along with continuing to focus in on our feelings.

We introduced the difference between good choices and poor choices focusing on how good choices make our hearts happy and make ourselves and those around us feel safe and that poor choices can lead to someone feeling hurt or in the blue/red zone. We went through different situations and discussed as a class if they were a good or poor choice and why along with what might happen if we followed through with a poor choice. Examples of these scenarios were sharing with a friend, using walking feet in school, hitting others, screaming indoors, etc.

Fire Prevention Week

On Tuesday, October 8th we had a visit from our local fire department. A group of firefighters came in to discuss with each class the importance of fire safety and what might happen in the case of an emergency along with ways to avoid an emergency coming up. The firefighters stressed the importance of having a plan in place with your families at home that includes where to meet outside if you had to evacuate in case of an emergency. They also discussed "Stop, Drop, and Roll" which would be great to practice at home as some children don't understand what that looks and feels like. The children were also able to see a fire engine outside of the school where the firefighters walked us through what the different equipment was for and explaining how they keep us safe.