Chinese Inventions: Horse Collar

Yuvan and Alyssa

The Horse Collar

Created around 300 B.C, the horse collar allowed the Chinese to have more control over the horse. Soon, they invented the trace harness (which is a harness with a breast strap) which was modified into the collar harness. This collar harness allowed one horse to carry a ton and a half, while the throat-and-girth harness in the West choked the horse and only allowed two horses to carry half of a ton.

The Horse Collar: How it works

This invention made it easier to control horses. The Ancient Chinese were also very inventive. About 300 BC the Chinese invented the horse collar. Previously horses were attached to vehicles by straps around their necks. The horse could not pull a heavy load because the strap would constrict its neck! The horse collar allowed horses to pull much heavier loads.

How make a horse collar?
This is a video of how to make a modern horse collar.
horse collar
This is a video showing a horse collar used before.