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Reading Recovery February, 2016 Newsletter


The RRCNA Connections newsletter features information on reading with students in the UK. Students are able to SKYPE with other students in England. If you are interested in participating in this program by having students read to a student in the U.K. via Skype, email Angie Jacobsen at

Below you will find the new Bella and Rosie free calendar for students.

Reading Recovery Conference

More teacher learning and collaboration

Several Reading Recovery teachers were able to attend the Southeastern and the National Conferences. They will share their notes on the link below and at the next CPD.

Parent and Family Support

Parent and family supports are important aspects of student literacy. Sometimes parents do not know what to do to help at home. Provide parents with resources and classes at your school. Ask yourself these questions:

Have you provided support for all students you serve?

Have you sent home resources that will help parents work with their child at home?

Do you give continuous updates and positive comments to the parent?

Here is link of resources you can provide for parents: