Artificial limbs

Artificial limbs for NASA

Why did NASA make it?

NASA created a robotic arm that then turned into artificial limbs to keep astronaut safer,space vehicle parts last longer, and to make robotic space vehicle.This was made for multiple missions.This robotic arm was made to lift equipment up and move it.One robotic arm named the Canadarm can move astronaut on a spacewalk and much more.

How do we use it in everyday life?

Not every one needs a artificial limb or prostheses in everyday life.There are some people that need it ,and people that have a prostheses can do everything a person without one can do.They can walk,run,lift items,and much more .These things would be more difficult if they did not have the prostheses .Prostheses help many people everyday.

How do we use it today?

Artificial limbs are used in the medical field today.They are used on people without arms or legs. Artificial limbs help these people do everyday things .Without these prostheses or artificial limbs there actions would be limeted

Other information about this spinoffs.

You might still be asking what are artificial limbs? They are a replacement of a part of your body.You might not know one of every 200 people in the United States has an amputation.Limbs are very expensive .The prize can range between $5,000 to $50,000.
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