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The Founder

Life of Walt Disney

By: Katlyn Van Scoy
*****Walter Elias Disney, an entrepreneur, cartoon artist, and voice actor,
was a famous cartoonist and was the founder of Disney World.
All though Disney was a high school dropout, he has become the most well
known cartoonist in the world. He never really wanted to be a cartoonist
though. When he was in high school, he wrote and drew patriotic figures,
and stories from World War ll. Then he dropped out to join the army. They
disregarded him for being underage.
*****Later, after joining the Red Cross, his brother, Roy Disney, was able
to get him in an art program,Pressmen-Rubin Art Studio. There he met an
artist, Ubbe Iwerks. When their time at the studio expired, they decided
to make their own commercial company together. The “Iwerks-Disney
Commercial Artists” was short lived.
*****For a while they left the company to earn some money at the Kansas
City Film Ad Company”. There he met a co-worker, Fred Herman. Soon he
became his first employee. Then they secured a deal with the local theater
owner Frank Newman, the most popular showman in Kansas City at the
time, to screen their cartoon “Laugh-O-Gram”. Their first cartoon.
*****Later on October 1st 1971, Roy Disney , started to construct Disney
World. Sadly, Walt had never been able to see it. For he passed away
on December 15th 1966 at the age of 65 due to lung cancer. For in his
younger years he was a progressive smoker. His spirit still lives on through
the hearts of all his fans.

Mickey Mouse

Young Mickey Mouse

By: Hunter Manz

*****On September 19, 1929 on a train Walt Disney thought of a character named Mickey Mouse finally Mickey Mouse was born. He was thinking of a new character because Walt thought Oswald the lucky Rabbit got to old. After Tons of Meetings Mickey Mouse was now an official cartoon character thing over the position of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

*****The first show ever that Mickey Mouse was on was Steam Boat Willie. It was the first show ever to have black and white characters that talked and it was the first whoever to have sound. Mickey always wanted to be a captain and to take charge. Although he never had a chance because Pete the real captain always bullied him about it, and because of this Steam Boat Willie and Mickey Mouse almost we’re lost forever.

*****Many people especially School teachers didn’t like the show because they we’re showing kids it was OK bullying people but it actually wasn’t. The Teachers across the United States formed a riot around Disney Studios. After about 48hours of yelling and cursing Disney finally agreed that he will lessen the bullying. After the riot the show got more popular than ever

Disney World

Disney World Facts

By: Ethan Leinen
*****Disney world is a magical place full of parks, rides, water parks, and resorts/
hotels. This place is the most visited place on the planet. It has four theme parks: Magic
Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. It is located right next
Orlando, Florida It was created by Walt Disney in 1959 and was opened on October 1st,
*****In 1964 Walt Disney began buying millions of dollars worth of Florida and started
building Disney World. On November 15 the following year he announced that he was
going to build the biggest entertainment park in America. In two years Walt Disney
employed 9,000 people to work for him. By the time it was 1971 Walt and his brother
Roy had spent nearly $400 million dollars on the park.
*****In the first two years Disney World had attracted over 20 million people in the
world and had over 30,000 employees. In 10 years the park has brought 2 water parks
10 rides and 8 attractions. Sadly Walt Disney never got to see the Disney World but he
is worshiped around the world for his creation.