Hannah's Art Mart

By: Hannah Bachmann

Learn the arts in Hannah's mart

Need to earn more money? Well come to Hannah's Art Mart and learn all about the arts. We teach how to make sculptures, make objects out of ivory and rare wood, pottery (it doesn't need to be good, we just need more), jewelry, and cylinder seals. We also teach about music. You can learn how to play the reed pipes,drums, tambourines, and also learn how to sing songs and hymns.

Some Awesome Things You Will See Hear

Come To Our Shop!

Every Monday and Friday we will be having an open mart were you can come in and play with the instruments and make some crafts with the art supplies. Any broken and/or damaged product will be charged to you.

We Are Hannah's Art Mart

Located on the edge of were the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet.