Grits & Glam January Newsletter

New Year, New Goals!

The Name of the Game is Pop-Up!

I'm sure that you were EXHAUSTED after the holidays from both personal and work activities, parties, events, sales, shopping, and family get-togethers because I surely was! Thankfully, after getting through the holidays and new year and getting things back to normal, I'm starting to feel invigorated and excited in anticipation of the opportunities ahead for 2016. I know that several of you have taken advantage of the Semi-Annual Sale to get a jump on your January sales, and that is great. Historically, after the busy-ness of November and December, January can be slow for those of us in sales and retail, but don't be fooled; people are still shopping and spending (thank goodness!). That being said, our team definitely needs to book some pop ups for January, so I'm going to give you some ideas AND a challenge because based on my survey results I'm finding out that almost all of you love a challenge/contest just like I always do :) So here it is, The Name of the Game is Pop Up! I'm going to provide some pop up themes and ideas below and have posted a challenge on our Facebook page revolving around the new Dolce Vita capsule. For your chance at two packs of the new Spring Lookbook coming out soon (ordered and shipped directly to you on the day of its release) do the following:

Beginning at launch time (10pm EST TONIGHT) thru Thursday 1/14 @ midnight EST, post ‪#‎LaDolceVitaDown‬ every time you make a sale that includes a piece from our new collection La Dolce Vita.

√ 1 entry for each total sale
√ must comment #LaDolceVitaDown on our team Facebook page (or text, email, Facebook message)
√ raffle + winner announced will be Friday 1/15

Can't wait to see y'all rock this challenge!!!

Working Backwards to Book PopUps

It's this easy!

I wanted to share with everyone Liz Ross's idea of "working backwards" which is a technique she shared with me when I was a new MM in my training. This concept is essentially doing these things: 1) come up with an idea or theme for a pop up 2) make a list of 3 people per theme that would be potential hosts 3) once it is booked have that host complete a wishlist so they can see how much they will need in sales to get everything on the wishlist for free 4) determine what each guest would need to spend to reach that goal 5) use that number to determine how many people she needs to add to her invite list and then give her the build a guest list worksheet (located in the Academy).

Pop Up Possibilities

If you're struggling or hitting a dead end trying to come up with fun ideas for popups here are a few that I've gotten from Liz Ross and some other merchandisers, as well as come up with on my own.

  • Dolce Vita Capsule Launch
  • Valentine's Day/Galentine's Day Style Pop Up - have guests pick out their bling for romantic evenings out OR their girls' night out if they're single
  • Winter Break is OVER viewing party (the return of our fave fall TV shows)
  • Football & Valentine's Day Shopping - Get all your bf's or hubby's friends together for a football party and help them get their Valentine's Shopping done early. They can invite their girlfriends/wives too to create their "wishlist" for themselves and then he can choose post party from the list.
  • SuperBowl & Baubles - SuperBowl is February 7th - Host a co-ed party with a casual vibe including something for everyone :) Football for the fans and jewelry for the rest ;)
  • January Warm Up Pop Up - Gather a list of 12 people who love the jewelry and haven't been able to commit to hosting a full blown pop up. Lock down 3 one hour pop up hostesses for a lunch, happy hour and/or coffeeshop. Have the hostesses bring 5-7 people. Bring lookbooks, order forms and wishlists. No worries about a display, you are bringing your jewelry in trays. At "warm up" pop up, you can lock down 3 full blown pop ups for the end of January, February, or even March.
  • BRRRing on the Bling
  • VIP Red Carpet Event to go along with awards show season - SAG Awards on Jan. 30th, Grammy Awards Feb. 15th, Academy Awards Feb. 28th
  • Soup & Slippers
  • Warm Up with Some Sparkle
  • Bling on the Bubbly (champagne cocktails, mimosas, etc)

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It's a new year and many of us have set some new goals. In regards to your c+i business, I'd love it if each of you reflected for a moment on what your initial goal was when you decided to join the Chloe+Isabel family and what your goal is today. Have you decided to revise? Have you decided to begin again with more focus and determination? Did you drop the ball but like the opportunity to give it another try? What would you like for this business to mean for you and/or your family? Is it a "secret stash" for the extra luxuries like manicures and pedicures and overpriced shoes? Is it a way to save up for a family vacation? The down payment on a new car? A supplemental income to close the gap? Many of us have heard that "A goal without a plan is just a wish" and I'd love to help you turn your wish into a reality. A great way to begin the road to achieving your goals is to write them down and to share them with someone to help make you feel accountable. I am planning goal setting phone chats with those of you who have reached out to me and hope to schedule more. The new year is the perfect time to get started towards goal crushing!