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Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Mrs. Myers is Out Tomorrow

Off to the Publisher!

Thank you so much for all of the book orders for our class book! We sent out our book, "When I Grow Up..." to the publisher today. The children worked really hard on their sentences and illustrations. I was very proud of them. The book will be published April 15th. We should receive it back sometime in the early weeks of May. We will definitely have it before school is out for summer. I hope you love your keepsake as much as I will!

College Theme Week Next Week!

To recognize the importance of college and help young minds get excited about the possibilities that come with a college career, our district is celebrating College Career Week across the district. In our building, we will have the following theme days:

  • Monday: Crazy Hair Day-- College kids sometimes have to get up and run to class with crazy hair!
  • Tuesday: Hat Day-- Wear a hat of a career or college that you would like to attend or do.
  • Wednesday: Career Dress-- Dress for a career that is interesting to you (overalls, uniform, suit and tie, etc.).
  • Thursday: Sweats Day-- College kids get to spend a lot of time in their comfy sweats!
  • Friday: College shirt and jeans day!

Please help me welcome our newest student: Eva Dennis!

Rainbow Wall Continues to Fill!

Congratulations to the following students for earning a new spot on the Rainbow Wall this week:

  • Red: Eva Dennis, Tyler Tate
  • Orange: Eva Dennis
  • Yellow: Eva Dennis, Amaya Oddo
  • Green: Aidenn Williams
  • Dove (3rd Grade Words): Zani Rigby, Aryelle Taufetee

Thank you for the birthday wishes (& kit kats)! It was wonderful to celebrate with my students!

Our Readers Keep on Growing!

Two more students earned a new petal on their growing flowers on their independent reading level. Please help me congratulate these amazing readers:

  • Ashley Joiner
  • Amaya Oddo

Review: Can Your Child Read This?

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Next week's Show-n-Tell: Letter U!

ABC Song: The Letter U, "Unstoppable U" by StoryBots
"The Letter U Song" by

Celebrating Spring with Science!

Your children might have come home lately with tons of news about all of the exciting science going on in our room! Well, we are learning through the wonders of spring! With spring comes plants, metamorphosis, and even eggs! We have two essential questions in science this month:

  1. Do plants need sunlight to grow?
  2. What comes out of these eggs? (More info to come next week...)

We are answering our first essential question by doing an experiment with Mrs. Bouse's class. We have seeds in our window, seeds in Mrs. Bouse's class (she has no windows, only artificial light), and a seed in our closet (no light at all). Will all of the seeds sprout and grow? So far, our seeds in the window are flourishing! Enjoy the pictures below. We will keep you posted about the progress on this topic. The children have the hypothesis that only our seeds will grow. They believe that the seeds in the window-less room and closet will not grow. We will see!

Our second essential question is regarding the eggs in our incubator. Will they be snakes? Turtles? Chickens? Robins? The children do not know what is in each egg. (Shhh...don't tell them if you know the answer.) We will start to study different eggs next week, trying to hypothesize what will be in our eggs!

Caterpillars also arrived this week! We are watching them eat, and eat, and eat! What will happen next? The children will start learning about metamorphosis next week and watch it happen in real time!

What Oviparous Animal Will Emerge From the Egg?

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These plants really took off!

Look at our caterpillars grow!

Please do not allow your students to come to school with gum. Thank you!

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April Lunch Menu

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