SlideShare: Real Insight Tech World

SlideShare: A Place Where You Get Real Insight into The Tech World

This ‘online community’ helped me compile my project; it sure will help you too. SlideShare is one of the best places to check out for deep insight into all topics that you care for – technology, education, leadership and more…

Technology is one subject that has always intrigued me. I find it very fascinating even to imagine that what came alive in story books and fables, technology has brought it to us right into our lives. I am a homemaker; but that doesn’t make me any less a technology user when it actually comes to being one. From watching TV to making a call and from preparing the monthly family budget to helping my daughter complete her school projects, I keep referring to technology day in and day out.

I was recently looking for women entrepreneurs who have made it big in the tech industry and was generally browsing the web for information. I wanted to create a scrapbook on this and maybe share with my family members when we all gathered for lunch that was due in a few weeks. I don’t know from where this idea came upon me but I knew I could do a good job of compiling the facts and figures and also impress my guests.

Even the thought of doing something, which my husband does in office always or my daughter does occasionally, got me excited. Yes, they look up the Internet to compile their reports and projects and here I was doing something out of my own will and interest to showcase women leads in technology… I was glad I started this project because I found myself thinking about its completion all the time…

I came upon Rashmi Sinha. She has co-founded an amazing portal where people can get together to discuss ideas and thoughts and even hard-core figures through the medium of presentations and PDF documents. Well, while diving deep searching for data on this achiever, I came upon her brainchild – SlideShare, the portal that I am talking about.

If you haven’t yet used this online community yet, you should do it now. SlideShare, I found out, was a fun place to be in. Its catalog of contents comprises of Powerpoint presentations, PDF files, Infographics etc that users upload for others to come and view, comment and even rate in comparison to similar others that are available.

Once I was here, I immediately set out to navigate through the technology section on the site to check out what people have contributed here. This section was replete with content covering everything possible – recent tech events, insights into the Internet of Things, videos of key industry players, and not to mention hundreds of presentations on online security, social media, the latest launches, tech essentials, tips on becoming a good communicator. I was overwhelmed with the data and I also found interesting stuff on women achievers, though in a different category of the site.

My project is nearing completion and I am completely thrilled. I wish I was able to use SlideShare myself and show to the world my creative insights as well…