Where is Middle-Earth?

We just found it in...SCOTLAND!


Yes, Scotland.

The sky high mountains, green fields, mysterious legends, and ancient castles are all here. There is no place in Scotland where you can't find adventure. Of coarse, there is city throughout the country, but the rural areas are breathtaking. They don't have any crazy complicated language you have to learn because it is just English. There's slang terms in Scotland just like we have in America, but it's known as Scot's Tongue. In the modern areas you don't actually see men walking around in their kilts(man skirts), but at some special sermonizes such as traditional weddings and Empire Day. Scotland is known for not just their crazy foods and castles, but they are also known for legends and myths. Haven't you heard of the Loch Ness Monster and a werewolf also known as a Wulver. Like I said, there is no place here where you can't find adventure.

But why is Scotland like Middle-Earth?

Scotland's tall mysterious mountains might remind you of the Misty Mountains that Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarfs travel through. The green rolling hills in Hirta, St. Kilda look exactly like how I imagine The Hill where Bilbo and the other Hobbits live. Another creepy landmark is Fingal's Cave, Staffa. This cave is beautiful, but scary at the same time so I think it looks a lot like where the trolls would live, and where Smeagal would live. Another factor is the ancient castles that have many hidden stories. The ledgens that are told in Scotland sound like stories little elves would tell their childern before bed. Now you see that Scotland's mysterious treasures are almost replicas of Middle-Earth.

My Counter Claim

Even though Scotland is a pretty close match to Middle-Earth Peter Jackson claims that Middle-Earth is in New Zealand. Because of his theory, the people have built a "Hobbit world" with all the important landmarks in Middle-Earth. This causes it to look a little more like it...well, duh. Anyways, he says that while on a train reading the book that the New Zealand countryside looked exactly like what he was reading about. I agree with Jackson, but Scotland seems to have a little more magic to it. What do you think?

P.S. The picture above is where they filmed Bilbo's hole in New Zealand for the movies!

In conclusion...

Now that you have seen some pictures, websites, and fun facts about Scotland I was wondering you opinion. Scotland is a such a magical mysterious place that it seems almost perfect to be the possible REAL Middle-Earth. Maybe it it is. You could go and experience your own magical adventure, and tell me yourself.Overall, Scotland is the perfect place for a Middle-Earth to be located.