Dallas Winston (Dally)

Bawi Ram Par 7th Period

Physical Description

  • high cheekbones
  • pointed chin
  • small, sharp teeth
  • lynx like ears
  • blond hair
  • hair falls over forehead in wisps & kicks out in back in tufts
  • hair curls behind ear & along nape of neck
  • blue, ice cold eyes
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  • tough
  • cold
  • mean
  • wild
  • smart
  • been arrested at age of 10

What Does He Like To Do?

  • fights
  • get arrested
  • drink
  • ride rodeos
  • lie
  • cheat
  • steal
  • smoke

What Are His Most Prized Possessions?

  • Johnny Cade-is like the gang's pet, Dally couldn't do anything to him at movies

What Is His Relationship In The Greasers?

  • Member and toughest of the gang