Vertical Progression

Aligning Curriculum Within Grades

Group Norms

1. Stay on topic.

2. Be respectful to each other and differing opinions (agree to disagree).

3. Be present.

4. Be prepared and have all data/materials readily available.

5. Active participation amongst each member in the group.

*We are here to focus on the future and student achievement.

*Our purpose is to improve practices, not to blame.

Learning Target

To explore the vertical alignment of instruction and assessments to ensure that writing standards are appropriately aligned to meet our students needs in all grade levels.

5 Ins and Outs

Use the poster paper and standards to write 5 key skills that students need to come in to your grade level with in in order to be prepared to learn new grade level standards. Then write 5 skills you are confident that your students will leave with fulling understanding and utilizing.

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