Message from the Principals

Dear Parents & Guardians,

It came to our attention today that an anonymous Instagram account was created, titled Unami_Middle_School. The creators of this account are posting ratings and asking students to follow them. As of this morning, the account had over 100 followers and all students who comment on the account now have their names attached to this Instagram account. Additionally, creators of this account added an “ask” link which would allow them to make additional comments. Students that we spoke to today reported that comments posted were unkind and hurtful.

These types of accounts are, by their very nature, harmful to building and maintaining a positive and caring school environment. Mr. Murtha and I met with all 7th grade students during their resource period today to remind students that they should not be participating in these types of online forums. We challenged them to “unfollow” any such sites, and to instead, stop into the office to nominate a student for a “Unami ROCKS” recognition. Our goal is to promote and recognize the “good” in everyone, not to participate in a forum that can and will make students feel sad.

We are asking for your support in stopping this practice.


Mrs. Lang & Mr. Murtha