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April 17, 2020

Welcome to Clear Fork Middle School...

Hello everyone!

Here are the latest happenings in our school and our upcoming events. Please check back regularly for the most recent information.

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A word from the Principal...

Students, you are doing a great job with your lessons! Keep up the good work.

It is hard to believe that we have finished Spring Break and are now into our 4th week of distance education. I am very proud of the Clear Fork Middle School students. They have done a great job with their lessons and with communicating with their teachers.

On April 23 the district was scheduled to send home interim reports. Instead, all teachers will update their grades through April 22 so that parents and students can login in to Progress Book on April 23 and view the grade that would be assigned to the interim report at that time.

I want to remind students and parents that eligibility for the fall sports season will be based off of the 4th quarter grades. That means if you want to play football, volleyball, cheer, or run cross country you will need to pass a minimum of 5 classes and pass at least 75% of your classes along with maintaining a 1.25 GPA or higher in order to participate in any CFMS sport.

Mr. Pore and I are hosting a Zoom meeting this Friday at 11am and are calling it "Lunch with the Principals". The meeting ID is 931-624-8958 and the password is GoColts. Many students have been sharing with me how they miss their classmates and Mr. Pore and I thought they might enjoy a virtual lunch with their classmates, teachers, and principals.

It is hard to believe that we only have a little over 4 weeks left of school. Keep up the good work and we will see you soon!

Mrs. Klaus

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Here is an article submission from one of our 7th grade students!

Through this hard time of our lives, we have to remember a few things. Although we may not be able to do everything we did before, this extra time at home gives us time to do more with our family. Whether that’s through a movie (when your parents get home), or even just through a McDonald’s dinner. I would like to believe that this time is drawing us all closer to our families, helping us bond more.

Another thing we have to remember is that even through this time, there are multiple days where it has been beautiful outside. I have gone outside so many times throughout this whole break, enjoying what we have right now. Many people are going to binge-watch anything and everything they can find that draws interest, but I suggest a different approach. I would agree with the statement that the technology that kids are using at this moment in time isn’t healthy. I think we should all find other ways to spend our time.

Honestly, I’m a very lucky person when it comes to this “coronavirus” time. My mom works from home, so we don’t have to be alone all day. I know people who have to stay home with their siblings all day. Also, my dad runs his business, so he can come home when he is comfortable with the amount of work he got done that day. We don’t have money problems, so we don’t need the school lunches, and we have plenty of TP to go around.

But to all of the people who aren’t exactly lucky like that, try to do something fun (that’s not video games). Or, you could contact your friends through Zoom meetings, texting, or even email. I have tried to come in contact with all of my friends over this break, and hope that no one is having a hard time doing so. We sometimes need to talk to people who we aren’t able to be in contact with otherwise.

My parents have come up with multiple strategies to keep us healthy over our break. We have no technology until when school would get out (about 2:40), even if we already have done all of our work. Just the other day my sister got bored, and made a debate where everyone in our family was running for “President of the House”. We all gave speeches, and then a debate, and then we all voted. My mom beat me by one vote, but she would probably be a better president than me, anyway. But, that was an outcome of the rule, no technology until after school would end. Another thing is that my mom takes the gym class stuff to heart. She makes sure we do all of our time every day, and that usually ends up being more than asked for by our teacher. These strategies keep us moving, and not watching TV all day.

Just remember, to everyone, that you are making history. Someday, people in school will be learning about this. The “coronavirus” debacle of 2020. Take pictures and write your experience down, because you’ll want to tell people about this. The first time a whole state, ever, had to just stop school and work from home because of a sickness.

Be safe and have fun,


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COVID and Education...

Please see the attached pdf file (below) for information about how to help your child during this time.
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Throwback time. . . Here is the December FFA Update!

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CFMS provides education to students in the 6th, 7th, and the 8th grade. Approximately 415 students are enrolled in the middle school. The middle school and high school are attached and share many resources such as the cafeteria, library/media center, auditorium, and various classrooms.