CPR for Children and Infants

How to perform CPR and tips for safety

Step 1 Check for Responsiveness

Loudly ask if they're ok

Tip: For infants, flick their foot

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Step 2 Call 9-1-1

Give roughly 2 minutes of care before calling 9-1-1

Tip: If there are people nearby, tell someone else to call while you continue giving CPR

Step 3 Open up the Airways

Tip: Use rubber gloves if available

Step 4 Check for Breathing

Infants have irregular breathing patterns but gasping does NOT count as breathing

Tip: Don't spend more than 10 seconds checking for breath

Step 5 Rescue Breaths, Back Bows, and Chest Thrusts

Perform rescue breaths (mouth to mouth) alternating with back blows (a firm, quick shove upwards in the middle of the back) or chest thrusts if they're unconscious.

Tip: Only use 2-3 fingers on an infant when doing chest thrusts

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