Ralph Waldo Emerson

By J-Allen Bentz

What did he do to help transcendentalism??

He gave continuous speeches and lectures about abolition(Anti-slavery) and transcendentalism, this helped the movement of the two reformations. Before Emerson people did not believe in transcendentalism, but as Emerson kept lecturing and lecturing people about this faith… More people began to believe in it. Emerson helped motivate the transformation of transcendentalism.

Remembrance and accomplishments!!

By the 1870s the aging Emerson was known as “the sage of Concord.” Despite his failing health, he continued to write, publishing Society and Solitude in 1870 and a poetry collection in 1874.Emerson died on April 27, 1882, in Concord. He believed that transcendentalism could really change the way people thought & acted, and could make a "heaven on earth".
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His History @ Harvard University

While attending Harvard Ralph Emerson also did his day by day studies, and also maintained his 3.9GPA while attending music lessons for two different instruments! He played the violin and the harp. After his years at Harvard he was put on the notable alumni list, and still is there today! You can check him and the rest of the notable alumni out in the link above.^^^
Ralph Waldo Emerson