Why Choose Organ Donation?

by Fiona Zacny

Why donate the things that let you live?

If you have ever been in the hospital, it sure is unsettling. Imagine if you are a patient needing a new organ for organ surgery before you die. You could be waiting on that list for that one organ that could save your life, but there is 100,000 people to wait for. You could be waiting for that one organ match that could save you and seven other people, and change the lives of 50 others.

If your condition luckily does not rule out donation, you could be on that waiting list, waiting for that one person. If your genes have no harmful antiviruses against each other, you could have a match and a transplant can be made. The organ type is considered in this process, too. You would have to see a list of the people that could be a match and you could either be denied because you're too sick or you cannot be reached in time. This could be a life and death situation, as long with the thousands of people that die on the waiting list. You could help at least 58 of those people live or have their lives changed.