Straight body type

Aka "The rectangle" or "The ruler shape"

What is a straight body shape?

A straight body shape is when your bust and hips are balanced, meaning lack of curves, but also meaning your legs look longer and are your best asset.

Why having a straight body type is great

Most runway models have this body type!

Not only do models have this body type but over 45% of American women have a Straight body type

This body type is also VERY common in britain

Ways to go with this body type!

With a straight body type to get a fuller look; Tops with layers, long V-neck or off the shoulder blouse give the illation of more sutural shoulders. Horizontal stripes give the effect of width, pops of color on garments, such as graphic tees expand your frame. Try to avoid garments that resemble rectangular shape. Adding big embroiders or belts on the waist make your body shape have a more defined waist. I personally like to put an emphasis on my legs. How I do this is wear skinny jeans or jeans with a high waisted effect.