Texas Hold'em

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Thank you for selecting CANV for your project. We would like people to know that homeless includes families with children. Our Family Shelter has a waiting list of fifteen families who need shelter. We have people who need food to feed their families and they use our Food Bank. Community Action of Napa Valley will be celebrating 50years of service to the Community. Last year we provided services to 18,000 Napa County citizens. We also serve 410 average hot meals to Senior Citizens who are unable to cook for themselves. We need community support to continue to provide the services so needed in Napa County. I hope this helps but if not please let me know what you need. You are most welcome to come to our offices for a meeting. Best wishes on your project. Drene Johnson, Executive Director

Texas Hold'em

Saturday, May 17th, 5pm

1 Old Bayshore Hwy

Millbrae, CA

Serve 410 average hot meals to Senior Citizens>


CANV programs. It starts at5:00 – Dinner at 6:00 prepared by Ken Franks – Poker at 7:00.