By: Nicolas Erne

What this flyer is about:

This flyer is for people who want to live in an area where earthquakes happen.

I know all about them. So if you want to live in the ring of fire (Alaska, California, etc), keep reading.

Image to left: The ring of fire

Earthquakes happen every minute!

Earthquakes happen every minute in the ring of fire but no worries, some of these earthquakes are a 1 on the Richter Scale. The Richter Scale shows the levels of earthquakes. 1 means that its SO little that no one feels it or nothing is effected by it. But if a BIG earthquake happens where you live, follow these tips:

  • Have an emergency kit with basic things like a portable radio with batteries, canned food, canned drinks (yes that includes soda), and a first aid kit in case you get injured.
  • Lock your cabinets tightly, this will keep cups or other things from falling and breaking.
  • Keep heavy things like vases on the floor, if the vases fell on your head, you would get very injured.
  • During an earthquake, hide and grab on to a leg on a sturdy table.
  • After an earthquake, look around your neighborhood, call 911 if there are any fires.
  • Help rebuild if you're brave enough- as there are dangers like house parts falling.

What earthquakes can do.

But don't worry about big earthquakes, as they rarely happen.

Questions? Read this.

Would it be safer to live in an earthquake area rather than a flood or volcano area?

Yes, for these reasons:

  1. Big earthquakes rarely happen.
  2. Even if there is a big earthquake, refer to the section, Earthquakes happen every minute!
  3. Sometimes you might not even need to worry about earthquakes, just enjoy your life!

Would it be better to live in California or Alaska?

Well, they both sometimes experience earthquakes, minor earthquakes, for example California had the World Series earthquake and the San Francisco earthquake that literally destroyed the city of San Francisco! Alaska had the Good Friday earthquake. But I would choose California because of the warm weather, but, you choose where to live!