The Jolly Jellyfish

Cate Sulzer


Did you know that there are hundreds of different organisms that live in the water near Australia? Jellyfish are enthralling creatures. They have a thrilling way of moving around the ocean, a captivating body structure and appearance and also their habitat is in the bright blue oceans all over the world.


In conclusion, I learned so much about jellyfish that I didn’t know before. The body structure and appearance of jellyfish are interesting to learn about. I learned about the unique way that jellyfish move through the ocean. Their habitat is in the ocean and is fascinating because they live all over the world. I really liked learning about the jellyfish.

Think Tank

Here are a few questions to help you learn more about Jellyfish!!

My Diorama

Here is my diorama of my amazing organism, the jellyfish, there are also other organisms that i added such as a crab, blue whale, dolphin, lobster, clam, octopus, coral and tuna, This diorama shows the habitat of the jellyfish and the other organisms.
Big image

The Dancing Jellyfish

Here is a short video I found to show how jellyfish move around the ocean.
The Jellyfish Dance

Go Fish!

I really enjoyed this activity because it was fun to do and I was able to pick out my own fish for my fish tank. I bought 10 fish for my tank, I picked out different fish that were colorful and kind of small so that they all fit in the tank. I chose two Yellowtail Blue Damsel, three Red Female Veiltail Betta, two Strawberry Dottybacks, one Male Halfmoon Betta, one Green Mandarin Goby and a Dwarf Zebra Lionfish. I spent $80.10 on the ten fish that I bought for my fish tank. I will need 20 gallons of water for my tank for my fish to survive. I spent $228.37 on my tank, the decorations and the fish. I spent less than the money I had budgeted for, I was given $250 and still had money left over. This was one of my favorite parts of the project, I think the students next year should do this too, they will like it a lot.