Mrs. Johnson's Class

Life Skills in room 203

Nesaquake Middle School


Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Life Skills Classroom. We continue to work on the unit- "Let's Learn About Science". Our reading, writing and science will be geared around this theme. In the past two weeks we had a few days off due to holidays! I look forward to a full week of school and getting back to our regular routine!

Field Trip to Borellas Farm

New Student!

This week we prepared letters to welcome a new student to the classroom. The students wrote cards to Ryan to tell them something about themselves and to welcome him to Nesaquake Middle School! Welcome Ryan!

Science & Writing

The students practice using their senses to gather information. Their observations were put on a graphic organizer and will be used as a stepping stone to help foster more detailed language when speaking and writing.
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Great Behavior= Tickets!

We've started a new reward system in the classroom. The students receive tickets for positive things they do throughout the day. Some examples are raising their hand , staying on task, being a good friend, working hard, meeting a goal and going above and beyond! There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can receive in a day. The more tickets you get, the more you have a chance to have your ticket chosen. We started off with one person per week...but they talked me into picking three! I couldn't resist. :)

Week 1 Winner- Rachel

Week 2 Winners- Rachel, Marissa, and Matthew S!

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Students investigated if green beans that are the same size have the same number of seeds. During their investigation they:

* identified questions that can be asked about the natural environment

* conducted simple scientific investigations

* used tools to gather data and information

* analyzed and interpret data

*communicated procedures and explanations about an investigation


This week in cooking we followed the 10 step recipe to make a "soil layered" dessert cup. Students needed to follow the directions step-by-step to get the correct layers. When they were was time to eat! Buon appetito!
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Friendship Club

When: Every other Tuesday, Starting October 25th until 3:45 pm

Where: Room 318

Teachers: Miss Lazio and Ms. Jacobs

  • Come develop friendships with your peers!

  • Play organized games-Bingo, Minute to Win it, charades, etc.

  • Participate in themed activities (holidays, special events (Veteran’s Day, Nurses’ Day), etc.

  • Make posters for upcoming events in the school

There is transportation provided to students in the Friendship Club. Please note that there could potentially be a lot of students on the bus which may cause your child to be dropped off late. If you choose to pick up your son or daughter from Friendship Club, we will meet you in the school lobby at 3:45 pm.

Please confirm with your child’s teacher if your child is taking the bus or is being picked up on club days.

Thank you!

First Meeting: October 25th

November 22nd

December 6th

December 20th

January 17th

January 31st

February 28th

March 21st

April 4th

April 25th

Last Meeting: May 16th

Halloween Social for 6th Graders

Friday, Oct. 28th, 3pm

478 Edgewood Avenue

Saint James, NY

Wear your costume! DJ, dancing and friends!

Permission slip coming soon.

Important Phone Numbers

79 Edgewood Avenue, Saint James, NY 11780

Main Office: (631) 382-5105
Health Office:
(631) 382-5115
Counseling Center:
(631) 382-5130
Principal - Mr. McCabe:
(631) 382-5105
Assistant Principal - Mr. Furey:
(631) 382-5120
Counselor - Jennifer Harnett (A-K):

(631) 382-5136
Counselor - Stephanie Mueller (L-Z):

(631) 382-5133
Psychologist - Patrice D'Elia:
631- 382-5138
Psychologist - Christian Forie:
(631) 382-5137
Social Worker - Frank Grieco:
(631) 382-5134
Speech - Bonna Gittleman:
(631) 382-5132

Bell Schedule

Period 1
7:50 AM - 8:31 AM
Period 2
8:35 AM - 9:16 AM
Period 3
9:20 AM - 10:01 AM
Period 4
10:05 AM - 10:46 AM
Period 5
10:50 AM - 11:31 AM
Period 6
11:35 AM - 12:16 PM
Period 7
12:20 PM - 1:01 PM
Period 8
1:05 PM - 1:46 PM
Period 9
1:50 PM - 2:31 PM

Unique Learning System

Dear Parents and Family,

Your child’s classroom is using Unique Learning System® as the classroom curriculum. The curriculum program has been designed specifically for children with special learning needs. While the foundation of Unique is the academic content standards (reading, writing, math, science and social studies), the lessons are modified to make sure that all children have a way to participate and learn. There is a strong emphasis on life skills that are embedded in each lesson. Unique Learning System provides monthly units that teachers are able to download from the Unique website. Each month there is a new topic built around a science or social studies theme. There are six grade bands; Preschool, Elementary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School and Transition, so learning is new as children progress through the years. Your child’s teacher has selected the grade level band that matches the ages and grades of the children in his/her classroom. There is also a three-year cycle of new units for each grade band. In that way, your child will have new learning materials even if he or she is in the same classroom setting next year. Teachers who have worked with special learners have created all of Unique’s lessons and materials. Lessons include stories, chapter books, comprehension activities, writing activities, math lessons for time, money, counting and problem solving, as well as recipes, craft projects and science experiments. Many of the materials are designed in three levels so children of various abilities can actively participate. Materials have been created with SymbolStix™, which is a graphic library of symbols to help children who learn best with picture supports. These pictures can also be seen in books available on our online library called the n2y Library. These books can be used to help support the theme of the monthly unit, to help build your child’s reading skill or for enjoyment. Unique Learning System has several tools that will help the classroom teacher monitor your child’s progress within classroom learning. The primary goal of Unique is to give each child a way to participate, learn and succeed in the classroom.