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8 Key Advantages for Fortune 500 Corporations for using RICE Recruitment vs. other recruiters and job portals

  • 1. RICE Recruitment has vast direct connections with Top European Universities who approve internship in Asia.

  • 2. RICE Recruitment create better EMPLOYER BRANDING with Foreign Interns.

  • 3. WILD RICE Interns have a more loyal and higher commitment than job portal candidate.

  • 4. RICE Foreign Intern Database come with “word of mouth” Top Universities' recommendations.

  • 5. RICE Recruitment is the bridge to negotiate Foreign Intern salaries. RICE Foreign Interns are likely to share frankly their concerns and family restrictions with us than with their potential employer.

  • 6. RICE candidates want a long-term career path charted by her sister organization: BorneoHunters Executive Search.

  • 7. RICE Recruitment verifies Foreign Intern backgrounds and are much better “background detectives” than internal recruiters. It is extremely hard for a candidate to fool a RICE Recruiter. The deceptive or low caliber candidates don’t make it pass our first round of resume search or interview.

  • 8. We can confidently say that RICE Foreign Interns are generally higher caliber than job portal candidates – with less problems and bad attitudes.

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