Walter Elias Disney


Early Life

I ‘m going to tell you some interesting facts about Walt Disney in his early life. To begin with Walter Elias Disney was born in 1901 and also has 3 brothers and a sister. Walter liked to draw at a young age. At the age of 16 Walter joined the Red Cross and drove ambulances. After that he got into the film business and made laugh-o-grams. Laugh-o-grams are short films that make you laugh. Walter made so much money on laugh-o-grams, he decided to stop and to stop and make movies. Roy, Walt’s older brother helped him build a studio in Hollywood. A while later Walt found his dream girl, Lillian Bound in 1925.


I’‘m going to tell you some important facts about Walt Disney’s career. To begin with the Walt Disney Company began in 1920 and made movies, theme parks, TV shows radio announces, and stage performances. The first film the company made was steam boat Willie which introduced Mickey Mouse. In the 1930s to the 1950s more popular films were made. In 1955 Disney land and more theme parks and a cruise. The Disney Company bought many other companies too like Pixar. After Walt’s death his company made more movies that were animated.


I‘‘m going to tell you some interesting challenges Walt Disney went through. To begin with Walt had hard times being a newsboy because it either rained or snowed. Out of all Kansas City Walt worked the most he had 4 or 5 jobs. Walt had to pick to be an author or an artist when he was little. The Disney’s were poor for quite a while, but then it got better. Walt got in trouble at school almost every day between bringing animals to school and falling asleep. When Walter got older he had money problems with films because of all the cartoons he made.


I‘m going to tell you some important facts about Walter Disney. To begin with Walter died in 1966 because of lung cancer. The theme parks and movies he made are still loved by millions of people today. Walt had twenty-six Oscars and after his death there were many more to come. Also without mickey mouse there would be no Disney and no Disney means most movies wouldn’t be around today.

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