Siegrist 16-17

Charting our Course!

Classroom Placements are ready to view!

Building Map for 2016-17

We were hoping to also include information about summer construction here, but we are still unable to do that, so we didn't want to hold on classroom placements any longer.

After reviewing your feedback, the final classroom locations were determined based on the following criteria:

  • All grade levels could not be kept together
  • Primary and Intermediate wings
  • Split one team from primary and one from intermediate (also one from SE, and one from PX/RS)
  • Try to keep K and 1 near restrooms
  • 5th grade kept together to ease transitions in departmentalization
  • Autism was kept in 3 cinder block room for noise purposes
  • New teachers and long term sub placements were considered
  • Tried to keep specialty groups together

SIEGRIST STAFF night at the K--- Come Catch a Royals Game!

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 4:15-10pm

1 Royal Way

Kansas City, MO


Let's all go to the Royals game! I am looking into renting a school bus, too. Tickets for the game are $25 a piece and I have reserved 40 seats. First paid for first rights to the tickets. $25 gets you a lower level seat in section 209 AND a Gordo Nation Raglan Royals Shirt. Bus transportation will be extra if you choose to ride the bus and I will let you know the cost so you can decide. RSVP below and send me (Jen) a check for $25 x the number of seats you want. It has been suggested that this an Adult Only function so we can all get to know each other a bit better.


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Envisioning Night #2

May 2, 4:30-7:30 PM

Master Planning Night

Seven Bridges Clubhouse

Dinner Served

Kali and I look forward to our evening of MASTER PLANNING on May 2. Everyone had such great ideas at the first meeting we are excited to continue the planning. This evening is sure to be like trying to complete a 1,000 puzzle in two hours, but when we all are together, I am sure that we can get it done. Attendance is expected, however, if you have extenuating circumstances, and can not reschedule, please let Kali or Jen know so we can provide you will an alternate assignment which will provide benefit to our staff in your absence.

See you then!

Have a wonderful Week,

Jen and Kali