Georgia O'Keeffe

By: Lilian Pine

A brief biography of georgia o'keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on November 15,1887. As a child, Georgia lived near plenty of nature and was always captivated by the shapes, patterns, and colors of the scenery. In eighth grade, she told herself she would turn her interest into art and luckily, her mother supported her idea. Her mother began giving simple art lessons to Georgia and she fell in love with painting. She furthered her love of art by taking many art classes in high school and during this, Georgia found herself constantly drawing detailed flowers. Later on, she studied art in Chicago and New York City, where she met her future husband, Alfred Stieglitz. Not only was her husband, but also the beginning of her success. He gave her her own public art show which was quickly admired by many. After her career took off, they moved to New Mexico. The scenery there was an advantage to Georgia because some of her most well-known paintings were inspired by it's dusty hills and pastel flowers.

O'Keeffe's canvases brought a new form of art to the 1920's and were inspiring to other soon-to-be artists of the time. Her works were known as eccentric, rugged, abstract and yet still easily admirable. The talent spread across her art made such a statement at the time that it is still presented in many public forms today.

AVP Georgia O'Keeffe -Life and Art

Video Questions

1. ) What did Georgia hope the viewers of her art would take away from observing it?

2.) While in New Mexico, what inspired her paintings?

3.) At what age did Georgia wish to begin creating art? Why?

Georgia O'keeffes impact

O'Keeffe made modern statements with her art in the 1920's. Mostly men at this time were evolving the art industry and by simply being a female artist, Georgia changed this. She lead the path for other women to be successful with their art and truly was a bold inspiration.