Rio De Janeiro

PC Hadleys dream vacation

Rio De Janerio facts

Rio De Janeiro is located in Brazil the best country ever.

Rio De Janeiro is 5,048 ml away from Conroe.

I want to visit Rio De Janeiro cause it is a peaceful place to go.

My destination is so great cause of all the wildlife and plants.

one fact is Portuguese explorers first encountered the island on January 1, 1502, the name Rio de Janeiro means River of January.


it will take 10 hours to get to Rio De Janeiro from Houston Tx.

Rio De Janeiro is 5,048 miles away from Houston Tx.

I'm only taking my girlfriend to Rio.

I will be on a flight to Rio.

I plan on staying in Rio for 7 days or a week.


I am going to stay at the Hilton Rio De Janeiro.

The Hilton offers lots of activites like be in a music concert or even be in a basketball game.

I will need to pack some clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, and other hi gene


My Lodging will cost 1,070.

I will have 500 dollars in spending money.

I will eat breakfast at the hotel and dinner at the hotel but i will eat lunch a different restaurant every day

i will rent a jeep wrangler that gets 17 mpg

the flight will cost 6,050 for two adults

i will spend 796 Brazilian Real on gas


i will go zip-lining in Rio,hang gliding, and four wheeler tours

There is a lot of things to do in Rio but there is the funnest one wing suiting by the Christ the redeemer.

one unique opportunities is swimming with sharks

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Interesting facts

There are exactly 6.3 million people located in Rio.

Rio is the second most densely populated area in Brazil.

Another interesting fact is the area is divided up into seven districts. These will include Barra da Tijuca district, Campo Grande, Santa Cruz, Zona Oeste, Zona Norte, Zona Sul and Centro.

Rio contains over 50km of shoreline.

The Summer Olympics for 2016 will be hosted in Rio.

Rio is the host city for the annual event known as the Rio Carnival. This event is the biggest carnival in the world, more than two million people arrive each day of the event.

Rio goes by the name of Cidade Maravilhosa (The Marvelous City).