Middle Colonies

By: Pablo Calderon


  • We were named after Lord De La Warr, but founded by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden company. And Established in 1638.
  • We got our money by mixed farming
  • we are Proprietary
  • Our population is a medium size
  • Our fellow Native Americans that were here before us were the Lenape
  • Finally we have no established religion
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New York

  • we were founded by Duke of York in 1626
  • the way we made a profit was by fur trade
  • we too are propietary
  • Our population size is big and we first had the dutch here, then the English
  • the natives that were here before were the Iroquois
  • Finally we established no religion as well.
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New Jersey

  • We were lucky enough to be founded since we were called the swewer of New York , Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret are the ones to thank for foundling us in 1664. we were made mainly for trade and profits and were referred to as later on a bread basket colony since we grew many corps
  • We got our cash by mixed farming
  • Our government is propietary
  • Our Population is big
  • Our inhabited native American tribes are the Lenni-Lenape and unfortunately there were wars between them and our colony
  • Finally we have no religion
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  • William Penn helped found us in 1681
  • We did mixed farming and our cash crop is wheat
  • Propietary is once again our type of government
  • Population size is big
  • The native tribes that are around here are the Erie, Honniasant Huron, and Iroquoist. We bought land from them, but eventually took everything
  • Our religion is Quaker
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