Technology Class

Shannon Norton


  • Allows you to record voice onto your movie
  • Lets you choose a theme and add different transitions in between slides
  • Is able to import photos and video from your camera roll


  • Make Hollywood-style trailers for your home movies!
  • Insert words like a real movie trailer
  • Pick a theme to set the mood for your trailer

Haiku Deck

  • Insert slides with information about a chosen topic
  • You can import photos from your camera roll or from the internet
  • Allows you to change the layout and the font size

Explain Everything

  • Import pictures to help you explain your topic
  • Draw or add text onto your explain everything
  • Add shapes and lines as a visual aid

Go Animate

  • Creates a scene and you can add in speech and movement
  • Publish your videos and upload them to you tube
  • Record your own voice to personalize your animation