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What is the golf?

Golf is a sport of precision which aims to introduce a ball into the holes that are distributed in the field with the least number of strokes, using for each type of shot one among a set of sticks slightly different from each other, since the head of the stick has different grades as well as the rods have different lengths. Fewer degrees, greater length of the rod and therefore more distance. Maximum 14 clubs can be. Golf is called that practice golfer.


In 1744, the first players Association was founded in Scotland, and in 1745, also in the United Kingdom, was created the first rules of golf. The first golf associations were the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers (1744) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (1754).


Golf is practiced in a field or field of natural grass outdoors. Unlike many sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface. A golf course occupies a wide area and consists, generally, of 9 or 18 partial routes. Most of the courses are 18 holes. At the end of each of these routes there is a hole on the surface of insert the ball with the lowest number of hits; by extension, each partial travels is also called pit. The order of the hole on the Court gives its name to each one of them: pit 1, 2, etc. up to the pit pit 9 or hole 18 depending on the case. At some golf courses, to the pits will give them also other names Memorial, commercial or taken from any of its features: its difficulty, its design, names of flowers, etc.

To play a round of golf, you will have to complete 18 holes in an established order.

Como referencia, los campos de golf se dividen en dos categorías principales:

  • Professional field: According to the rules of USGA (United States Golf Association) It is the one where the sum of the total distances of 18 holes - measuring these out of the black markings of the exit tees - exceed the 7000 yardas (6400,80 metres).
  • Turistic-ejecutive field: are those that do not exceed the 7000 yardas (6400,80 metres).



The points are defined by the number of strokes needed to get the ball in the hole.

  • Pair: is the amount of hits to take the ball into a hole or field, depending on what are the distances. Couple holes there are three, four or five.
  • Hole in one (in English in one hole): when Gets the ball on the first hit.
  • Bogey: when the hole is completed with a blow above torque. Double bogey or 3 over par if needed one or two hits, respectively, is called to take the ball.
  • Birdie: when pit is completed with a stroke under par.
  • Eagle: when completes the hole with two strokes under par.
  • Double-Eagle or albatross: when pit is complete with 3 strokes under par. For example: take the ball on a par 5 in two shots.


There are some examples of championships:

  • Masters D'augusta
  • British Open
  • Deutsche Bank Championship
  • Open of France Golf
  • European masters
  • Spain open
  • Dubai World Championship
  • Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

Golf rules

9 Basic Golf Rules For Beginners

Examples of golfers


In our opinion, the golf is a beautiful sport and relaxing when practicing it. our town is not practiced and golf club more close in Seville, called Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, headquarters of the cup of the World 2004, Open de Andalucia 2009 and Open of Spain 2008, 2010 and 2012, has one of the best courses in Europe.

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