Ansel Adams

Famous Photograper


Born February 20, 1902 in San Francisco Died April 22, 1984

He was an only child but had both parents with him named Charles and Olive. He started out as an artist and got his inspiration from his friends. He did not attend college. He got into photography because while going on a family trip his father gave him a camera and the rest was history.


Adams style is in black and white, because of the time period and its normally of landscapes and agriculture. Here are some of his photographs below......

Fame and awards!

He got his fame because he took a lot of photos, put them in a portfolio and then this sparked the attention of Albert Bender, an arts connected business man. Adams received an honorary atrium doctor degree from Harvard and an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Yale . He was elected a Fellow of the American academy of arts and sciences in 1966. He was awarded the Conservation Service Award by the Department of the Interior in 1968, a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1980, the Sierra Club John Muir Award in 1963, and was inducted into the California Hall of Fame by California Governor Arnold S.

What did he say about his own photographs? What do others think about them?

Adams didn't like to brag. He didn't take credit for his photographs because he said that the world is what creates the beauty, and he just wants to capture it. He also said that when he feels something he wants to express it through his photos.

Other people including his friends look at his photographs and think of something at a very mystical level.

What do I think about all of this?!

I think that Ansel Adams was a very talented and amazing photographer. He captured pictures that others could only dream of. The fact that Adams could take a picture in black and white and make it look better than colored pictures is amazing!

My photographs with his style

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