Ipads in the Classroom

Haley Taylor

What can you do with an iPad?

Students today know nothing but technology. With iPads in your classroom you can make learning so much more enjoyable for your students! There are so many educational apps at our hands that are perfect for any lesson you may be wanting to teach. You just have to find the right one for your students.

Kathy Schrock has an amazing website that gives you so many ideas of ways that you can use an iPad in your classroom. I saw so many interesting things on her site that I cannot wait to try out in my very own classroom.

To access Kathy Schrock's website type, http://www.ipads4teaching.net/ipads-in-the-classroom.html in your address bar, or you can simply scan the QR code for quicker access.

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15 things you can do with an iPad
BBC Active is a website for teachers and educators that shows several ways to implement iPads into the classroom. BBC Active quotes that, "The iPad in the classroom brings education to life." Scan the purple QR code to access BBC Active's website

Upper Elementary-iPads in the Classroom

Check out this website for more helpful ways to use iPads in your classroom. This website is very informational for upper elementary grades such as 3-6.


What's so cool about an iPad?

iPad's are AMAZING! You can do ANYTHING with an iPad. Like other Apple products, the iPad is so easy to use. It is small enough to fit in your hands, but not too small to see. The reason that I believe so many people are going crazy over iPads is because there is an app for everything. You can think of literally anything you would like to do on your iPad and you can just by downloading an app. The plus to this is that most apps are FREE! If you do not have an iPad yet, I would definitely encourage you to hop on board and get one!

Check out these talk show guys' conversation VIDEO about how cool iPads are! Scan the blue QR code or type this in the address bar:


This website also talks about how cool iPads are and amazing apps that you can use in your classroom:


There are so many great things out there on the web and in apps for students to see. Students really love to use technology in the classroom, because they like it so much more than simply using pencil and paper. Technology is their second nature and they are so familiar with it. It helps children express themselves on a more extensive level than they would or could when not using technology.

Why does it engage kids?

iPads engage children, because they are so interactive. Children hold iPads in their hands before they can even talk! Children are so used to being involved with something at such an early age that it is hard for them to not be engaged. The games and apps that are downloaded on iPads really engage children of all ages, because all of the child's attention is needed for each game or app. The children zone in and it really takes a lot to bring them out.

Scan the pink QR code below to view a website on the pros and cons of iPad engagement in children. This website is aimed toward readers interested in iPads at more of an early childhood age. The writer seems very knowledgeable on both the pros and cons of toddlers using iPads.

The yellow QR code below will take you to a website that talks a lot about screen and media time concerning children. Young children can easily learn from interactive iPad apps.
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Engaging Children To Become Innovative Learners
The following website gives information about the top educational and engaging apps of 2012 for the iPad. I found several great apps on this website and I hope you can too!



Common Sense Media's website has several more apps for young children to help get them engaged with an iPad. On the website users of the apps have described and rated each app and also has other very helpful information.

What about special needs and accessibility features?

Apple has so many features that can definitely help anyone with special needs. Guided Access feature is something that you can program to help students stay on task. Settings allow you to have texts read aloud, you can make fonts larger, and so many other things. Apple is for everyone and that is one thing that I truly love about it.


The url about is from Apple's website. It shows all of the amazing things that you can do to an iPad to get the help you need.

iPads Used by Students With Special Needs
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If you scan the red QR Code above it will bring you to a post by The Washington Post that talks about how helpful iPads are for students and children with special needs.