Family Relationships

Collaboration to promote student learning:

Collobration Family-School

There is an important relationship between the learner and instructor; however there is no success without the support of a family. The partnership established between the families to aid with any possible or potential difficulties with a student is essential to effective communication. When the educator has the support of a family particularly should there be a child with disabilities it makes for positive and successful enforcement.

Benefits to Families involvement with Education

  1. Greater understanding how schools works
  2. Improve communication between parents and children about school work
  3. Increased involvment with learning activities at home

Benefits to Kids involvement with Education

  1. Improve attitude, self-esteem, and behavior
  2. Improved grades and test scores
  3. Better attendence fewer dropouts and suspensions, more post secondary education
We as educators consider our parents to be the first stakeholders with that being said; "they have far more experience with their children and are better at providing good suggestions.