Giant squid caught on video

By: Clayton


Japanese scientist have caught a giant squid on video after over one hundred dives.


Dives to find the giant squid were done by the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, , Discovery Channel, and Japan's National Museum of Nature and Science.


Tokyo Japan, March 1, 2013


Japaneses scientist have been trying to take a video of a giant squid in its natural habitat since 2002 when the first picture of the squid was taken.


Scientist dove to 2,000 ft in a unmanned submarine and baited the squid into coming close to the submarine to catch it on video.


I think that the scientist will keep taking video of the squid to see how it moves and attacks.


being a scientist is one of my interest and I would like to find new animals.
Giant squid captured alive on film (January 27, 2013)