Cowhide To Footballs

By: Will Stobbe


Football is one of the most Populist sport. Read to find out how footballs are made.


The origin of footballs are made from regeler cowhide. But for kids I would prefer rubber or plastic or if your seven or up. You can handle one just like your dad.


The cowhide gets cut. The ball then gets transferred to the sewer who sews the ball out side in then a roller flattens the edge of the football so the ball can get turned in side out. Someone puts it on a pole and turns it in side out then gets a balder and then gets the lasses.

Interesting facts

A ball should way onuses. If you ask how many stitches they are going to say top secret.


Just remember when you see a football look back to this article it will show you all the information about footballs. Footballs are the best!
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