3 Google Updates!

September 4, 2015 - BEST District of the EVSC

The New Look of Google

Have you noticed that Google has a fresh, new look and feel? Check out the new font for the Google Logo below. Even though the branding has been updated - that's not the only thing. Here are three updates (two to Docs and one to Sheets) that are awesome!!!!
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1 - Google Docs Templates

Most of the time in Drive we click New, then Google Docs. From there we create an Untitled Blank Document. What if I told you that now you and your students don't have to start from scratch? Instead, check out some of the new templates (see below) that are readily available for you. Some templates include: Class Notes, Reports, and even Lesson Plans. Super Cool!!!
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2 - Voice Typing

The next brilliant addition to Docs from Google is Voice Typing. Just as the title implies, by clicking the voice typing tool (the microphone) simply speak normally and Google will convert your speech into typed text. Talk about a huge timesaver. Try completing your PLCs with the Voice Typing Tool - all of the agenda, minutes, etc. - all typed for you!
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3 - Google Sheets and Explore

A lot of schools use Google Forms especially for ODR/Referral Data. When a referral is submitted, the data is dumped into a Google Sheet. What if I told you that that data can be interpreted by Google for you - no graphs, charts, or tables have to be created. Google will do all of this for you now by using the new Explore feature! You have got to check this out!
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Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

Schedule for the week of 9/7:
  1. Monday - No School
  2. Tuesday - GLA - AM, Harper - PM
  3. Wednesday - Lodge
  4. Thursday - Washington
  5. Friday - Lodge - AM, Downtown - PM