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Earthquake Preparedness

This year I had a fascinating project in my science class about earthquake preparedness. It was group project that I did with four of my classmates. The project was about building a safe house for Tony Stark to live in. Because earthquakes are common in the area, we had to take a lot of things into consideration. The design of the house was important because it had to have cross braces inside the walls to make it more sturdy in case there was a lot of shaking. There were also several support beams that went far into the ground to give the house a sturdy foundation. The thing that I learned by doing this project is that you can never be too safe when preparing for an earthquake. This project was a lot of fun and it made me think a lot about being prepared myself if an earthquake should happen where I live.

30 Hands

The 30 Hands project that I did in my science class was about green house gasses, what causes them and how they affect us. Some green house gasses are from nature like volcanos erupting or fires burning. Most are caused by humans like burning fossil fuels and the gas gets trapped in our atmosphere and when that happens too much the weather can become hotter. With high temperatures droughts can happen, glaciers melt and that changes life for humans. Plants can die and there can be bad health problems for people. I enjoyed doing this project because it helped me learn how humans can effect the world so we can make better choices to stop producing as much of the greenhouse gasses and make a difference.

Invention Convention

Invention Convention was a really interesting group project that I did with two other classmates. The project was about finding a problem and solving it. The problem that my group chose was air pollution. Since helicopters produce a lot of air pollution, my group's solution was to create a solar powered helicopter. We made a model of our invention and described how it would work together. I enjoyed doing this project because it was several people sharing their ideas and not just one person which gave us a better thought out solution.

Inviernmental project

What is the enviernmonetal problem