March 2020


Dear Parents,

We are continuing to work on our mission: It is the mission of Orchard Drive Elementary to foster the growth of children with character, integrity and purpose. Through learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom, we encourage our children to reach high levels of achievement and become leaders, using their strengths to serve others. We have had classes visit the Jackson Villas, have made cards for the Veterans Home, and have sent cards to a school in Alaska that burnt to the ground.

I am happy to report that we have seen an increase in students reading on or above grade level from September to February. This is great news! If you want to help at home, just read WITH your child and TO your child...let your child choose any topics of books that they want. Help to instill in them a love for reading. Ask them questions about characters and setting in the books...this will help them for further investigations at school.

We also have had an increase in our number of POSITIVE office referrals. Congratulations, Orchard students!

Even with progress, we are still continuing to push every child to their potential. In order to do this, we need your help. We strongly suggest that you ensure your student is here every day and on time to receive instruction. If possible, please schedule appointments and vacations when school is out. In most classes, reading instruction begins promptly in the morning. Students go to their classrooms at 7:50 AM each morning. Teachers are working diligently to teach the curriculum set by our state and district while meeting the students on their learning level. We need your help reinforcing this at home. You may help your student learn their math facts, conduct fun science experiments while talking about the scientific process, read books, play learning games, or complete suggested activities sent home by the teacher.

With your help, we plan to meet our goal by the end the year of having every child read at his/her grade level and above.

Please know that if you have any questions, you can write a note or call us to get the information you need.

Happy March,

Shanna Wilson, Principal


Do you have a child that will be turning 5 before August 1st? If you answered yes then you will have a kindergarten student next year. It is already time to enroll for next year's kindergarten class. Each elementary school will host a Kindergarten Enrollment Night on Thursday, March 19th from 4:00-6:30. We encourage families to come to the school to begin the enrollment process. Please bring in your child’s birth certificate, social security card, shot records, proof of residency, and a parent’s driver's license. If you already have a student in the district please call the Administration Office at 243-9501 and they can get this process started for you. We will have fun activities for future kindergarten students to do while parents are working on paperwork. This is always an exciting time because we love getting to meet our future Jackson Indians. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 243-9555.

Jessica Simmons, Assistant Principal

****Sick Policy Reminder****


We have had cases of FEVER, DIARRHEA, AND/OR VOMITING recently and wanted to give a friendly reminder of the Jackson R2 Schools Policy regarding the return of a sick child to school. This will help keep our students/staff healthy and minimize the spread of infection.

STUDENTS CAN NOT COME BACK TO SCHOOL UNTIL THEY ARE 24 HOURS FREE OF FEVER (without the use of Tylenol/Motrin), VOMITING AND/OR DIARRHEA. Fever= oral temperature of 100.0 or higher.

For example, if a child takes Tylenol/Motrin at 6pm then the 24 hour fever free period starts at 10pm, 4 hours after the medicine is taken.

Any student that comes back to school within that 24 hour period will be sent back home. We realize that keeping your child home is hard to do when your child appears well (24 hours of no fever/vomiting/diarrhea). However, following these guidelines will help keep everyone healthy and stop the recurrent spread of infection!

Thank you for your attention to this important matter,

Emily Glueck, RN- Orchard Drive Elementary

Important Dates

Important Dates to Remember:

March 2: School social worker appreciation day

March 2-6: Dr. Seuss Week

MONDAY - Hats off to READING and Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss - wear a hat to school

TUESDAY - Cozy up with a good book - wear PJs or comfy clothes to school

WEDNESDAY - Dr. Seuss Dress Up day - dress up as a Seuss character or wear stripes

THURSDAY - If I Ran the Zoo - you may bring in a small stuffed animal (this is also Spring Picture day)

FRIDAY - Oh The Places You'll Go - Career day so dress as your future career

March 3: JMS transition night for current 4th graders 6-7PM at JMS

March 5: Imo's Night for Orchard & CHeekwood Spring Picture day

March 6: Career Day dress up

March 8: Daylight Savings Time begins

March 9: Wear Love All, Serve All shirts

March 13: End of 3rd Quarter

March 16: NO SCHOOL - Professional Development day for teachers

March 19: kindergarten enrollment night

March 20: report cards emailed out

March 26: Class pictures to be taken today on the playground (weather permitting)

March 30: 4th grade lunch bunch 12-12:45

March 31: 3rd grade lunch bunch 12-12:45

April 1: 2nd grade lunch bunch 11:30-12:15, Simply Swirled fundraising night for Orchard, & K, 1st, 3rd concerts & K-4 art show/BOGO book fair

April 2: 1st grade lunch bunch 11:30-12:15

April 3: kindergarten lunch bunch 11-11:45

April 9-14: Spring Break

April 15: Classes resume


April 18: Milk Mustache Dash 5K (starts at Orchard)

April 22: School Secretary Day

April 24: 1st grade field trip & PTO paint night

May 4: Wear Love All, Serve All shirts

May 4-8: Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

May 6: School Nurse Day

May 10: Mother's Day

May 15: Fun in the Sun Day

May 19 - Play Day & LAST day of school

Counselor's Corner

February is always one of my most favorite months because we celebrate Kindness Week. I love seeing students demonstrating kindness toward others...not because they earn something, but because it is the right thing to do! Our Kindness Tree has really bloomed this month!

Thank you for all of the Kindness Pantry donations. We have been stocking and restocking the pantry regularly, but feel free to add a can or two if you are able. We are adding a new Kindness Pantry for Animals! If you have any donations specifically for animals, you can send them with your student or add them to the new purple pantry: Summer’s Kindness Pet Pantry.


Another exciting event in February was the return of The Green Bear Club. The Green Bear Club is a primary child abuse prevention program designed to teach children how to stay safe. Green Bear has visited Orchard Elementary for about the last seven years. Our students always love to see Green Bear (K-1) and his sister Tiffy Bear (2nd). Not only is the presentation engaging, but the program provides our students with valuable, developmentally appropriate safety information.


Throughout the months of March/April, our third and fourth grade students will be preparing for the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test, our state assessment. If you are the parent of a third or fourth grade student, please mark the following dates on your calendar:

MAP Testing Dates--3rd and 4th Grades

Testing Dates:

Monday, April 27 3rd AND 4th Grade 9:00-11:30 AM

Tuesday, April 28 3rd AND 4th Grade 9:00-11:30 AM

Wednesday, April 29 4th Grade ONLY 9:00-11:30 AM

Thursday, April 30 3rd AND 4th Grades 9:00-11:30 AM

Friday, May 1 3rd Grade ONLY 9:00-11:30 AM

We will be testing in the morning, so if you have any appointments to make, please keep these dates in mind. It is always better to take the test with the class rather than during a make-up session.

What I Need (WIN)

Join Orchard Drive Elementary and participate in READ across America!

Birthday book club

Birthday Book club


Corbyn Meystedt 4 Anderson

Paxton Gentry 10 Dotson

Averie Bruce 13 Wren

Ayden Marshall 24 Conrad

Lila Bohnert 26 Bardot

Zya Turner and Summer Medlin have now read all 12 Mark Twain Club Nominee books. Way to go girls!