Technology Tidbits

November Edition

What We're Sharing This Month

This month the technology team hopes to provide a little something for everyone. In this edition we're sharing apps, websites, and more. Click on the big buttons to take you directly to many of the sites. If you make it all the way to the bottom you will find search engines geared just for kids.

For Our Admin

First there was Teach Like a PIRATE, then Learn Like a PIRATE, and now Lead Like a PIRATE. This site tells more about the philosophy and offers ideas on how you can grow as a leader.

Also, there is a Twitter chat at #leadup that chats at 8:30am-9:30am on Saturdays.

Lead Like a PIRATE

Click to learn more about this movement and how to enhance your leadership skills.

For the Counselor

Click the button below to go to a website that has apps to use for counselors.
Exploring School Counseling

Lots of great resources, not just apps.

Creating Music

Google has an add-on that you can use to compose music and more. To learn more, go into Google Docs and click on Add-Ons and then Get Add-ons. There is one called VexTab Music Notation. Below is what I copied from their information to let you know more about it.

This Docs add-on lets you render standard music notation, drum notation, and guitar tablature in your documents using the VexTab notation language. Find out more about VexTab at

Free Music to Use in Projects

As we move towards creating more multi-media projects, we know how music makes an impact on these projects. However, we are teaching ethics and copyright to our students as well. Click the button below to take you to a site that explains how to get copyright free music and sound effects for you and your students.
YouTube Audio Library

This takes you straight to the site.

YouTube Audio Library

Instructions on how to use it.

Get Kids Up and Moving

At our last district grade level meeting, one of the teachers told us about a Google Chrome app called Move It. it will randomly put up exercise movements for you to do to give you and your class a little brain break. My class has enjoyed this a lot.

While in Chrome click on Apps and search Move It. Then just click to add.

Book Creator

This is available as an app for your tablet and for your computer. It is a great way to create interactive books with your students. You can add audio, video, pictures, and text. I just found out there is now a comics feature. One catch, you can't get it on school computers as it requires Windows 10. It is free right now if you want to learn to use it at home and then be ready to roll with it when the district upgrades to Windows 10 next year. But, if you are lucky to have several tablets, you may want to look into this app.

Click the button below to take you to their website to learn more.

Take a Walk on the Art Side

This is an app in which students use elements from five master painters and then create their own masterpieces. These can even be displayed in the museum on the app.
Play Art

Click here to go to a website telling you more about this app.

Guide to Education Twitter Chats

Still not sure what chats are out there that could benefit you? The button below will take you to a list of education chats. It gives you the hashtag, day and time of chat, and a little about it. There is a chat for everyone.
Education Twitter Chat Calendar

Great list of Twitter Chats

Search Engines for Kids

Click on the buttons below to find safe search engine geared for kids.