Circle Towanda Elementary

Parent Newsletter ~ February 2021

Mrs. Terri Turner, Principal ~

Towanda Primary ~ Early Childhood - 2nd grade


Towanda Intermediate ~ 3rd - 6th grade


Mrs. Turner's Tidbits

We are preparing for our 100th day of school!! It is always quite the celebration at the Primary School! Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you about the upcoming day. Our 100th Day of School will be on Feb. 16th this year. It is MUCH later than usual due to starting this school year later than in the past. In the past, children have brought in all kinds of items to demonstrate what 100 actually looks like. It’s pretty cool to see. The kids get to visit the centers and learn about 100! Thanks, in advance, for all the support from home on this day. Since we do not actually touch each other's 100 items, we will be safe to bring them. Please watch for a note from your child’s teacher.

We have been focused a lot on patience this last month. I hope that you have heard from your children’s thoughts on the best ways to practice their patience. The Primary students know that when you are with a group, you have to be patient to be willing to listen to everyone’s ideas. We can’t always be in charge. They also learned that they can’t always have what they want right away. Sometimes, you just have to be patient. Then you might find out you really didn’t need it after all. They are doing great at school with this, hopefully they are transferring some of this to the home as well.

I looked back at past notes and noticed that for years, we have been doing reminders about not sending your child to school if they weren’t feeling well. How amazing to not have to send that notice out this year. The children have been staying healthy. We appreciate all the extra efforts you are making at home to ensure that they stay well. I do believe that masks are a big part of that. Please make sure that your child wears their mask to school each day. If you could have a couple extra masks in their bag, that would be AMAZING!! I look forward to the day when we don’t have to wear masks, but for today, we still do. Thanks for this help as well.

The students have taken on the challenge of reading outside of school. We are working each day to help them improve their confidence and appreciate any help we get from home. If you make sure your child reads at least twenty minutes a night, they will improve. Listening to them read at home is an amazing help as well. Practicing their fluency, smoothness of reading, will have a huge impact on their ability to read for the rest of their life.

Thanks for all you do to assist us at school. Your efforts are shown through your child’s work habits and effort at school. Please keep encouraging your child to do their best. We will be focusing on problem solving during the month of February. Let’s hope that Mother Nature is courteous enough to give us some warmer days! The children need to get outside, run and find ways to solve problems!

We are in the month of February! This year is flying by. Take the time to catch a great memory of your child and tuck it away for a difficult day. You will appreciate it at that time. Have a great month! I know we will!! I am going to make an extra effort to enjoy each day as well. This will be my final year as Circle Towanda Elementary School’s Principal. I have turned in my notice and it will be finalized this month at the Board of Education meeting. It is scary and exciting at the same time. I have treasured my time here at Towanda. I have been here, in these two buildings, for 30 years. I can’t imagine a place that holds better memories than my time here, in this community. Thank you for always supporting our teachers, our two amazing schools, and me. Without all of you, we would just be another school, but we are not JUST an elementary school, we are a family. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity to be a part of this! It was time that was very well spent. I love you all!


2/1 ~ PTO/Site Council Meeting @4:15pm - Via Zoom

2/8 ~ USD 375 Board Meeting @6:00 pm

2/11 ~ Elementary Classroom Valentines Parties @2:30pm

2/12 ~ NO SCHOOL - Staff Development

2/15 ~ NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day

2/16 ~ 100th Day of School (Kdg-6th)

2/19 ~ 100th Day of School for Preschool

2/26 ~ End of the 3rd Nine Weeks


  • PTO Meeting for February will be held Monday, February 1st via ZOOM at 4:15 pm. The link will be sent out earlier that day. Please email if you would like to join our meetings.
  • For all those that made it out, THANK YOU for eating at Spangles on our last Spangles Night in January!
  • Please continue to scan those shopping receipts through the BoxTop app for BOXTOPS! Every little bit helps!
  • Check out our PTO Facebook page to find your teacher's AMAZON WISH LIST!

Thank you for your continued support! You all MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Counselor's Corner from Mr. LaMunyon

January Student of the Month - Patience

Presley Shafer, Jeffrey Sandoval, Karter Schupp, Mia Watkins, Ethan Chavez, Tegan Mathias, Janae Johnson, Jase Volavka, Paige Couey, Payton Gladfelter, Hunter Schweigert, Madison Todd, Kira Wennersten, Dimitri Farmer, Maren Swilley, Duke Jacobson, Natalia Gutierrez, Jett Stockdale, Victoria Gonzalez, Kyson West, Gabe Landrum, Aryia Barker, Rachael Christy, McKaylynn Cornell, Clay Couey, Kylea Skillman, Elias Cole

Character Spotlight Skill for February - Problem-Solving

2021 Spelling Bee

Winner: Lauren Giebler

Alternate: Willow Oliver

Congratulations girls, we are so proud of you both!!

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Title 1 School Information

Did you know that Circle Towanda Elementary is a Title 1 School? This simply means we qualify for federal assistance that will pay for a Title 1 Teacher and Title 1 Para-professionals to work with children in small groups or even one-on-one. Your child may have the opportunity to receive services from a Title 1 teacher or Title 1 Paraprofessional during the day. The following list details ways that we may work with your child:

*Reading groups based upon students' individual needs

*Small group tutoring in math for skills covered in the classroom

*One-on-one pull out for intensive intervention in reading or math

*Services for kindergarten students needing support in letter and number recognition

*Reading group support as needed

As a Title 1 School, you have certain rights as a parent. Did you know that you may request the Title 1 teacher's credentials at any time? You may also request information regarding your child's performance on the state assessments. These results are usually available during the fall semester of the following school year.

As a Title 1 School, we need all parents to be aware there may come a time when we will work with your child during the school day. If you have any questions about this information, please contact Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Gandee or Mrs. Mosier at 316-536-2728 or 316-536-2281. Thank You!

Health Information from Nurse Lindsey