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Have you ever been wondered what fancy living is like? Do you want a new, fancy, expensive, and tasty addition to your food? Buy spices right out of the island chain of Moluccas. For a small price of 299 dollars, you can be the coolest townsperson on the block with your new spices. There is a coupon attached to this article that will give you a 15% discount. Wowzers. Just remember that it expires in a day so you better start sailing.

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It's mid December and it hasn't gotten too cold here in Germany. After a week of sunshine, we will receive rain throughout this week. Weather here in Germany is at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as usual at this time of year. The weather is very humid, up to 90% humidity. Throughout the week, the weather looks very rainy and humid, with a few days of sunshine. The weather this week will be around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, not dropping below 45.

Forecast of the Week (Fahrenheit)

Monday-Rainy and 49

Tuesday-Rainy and 52

Wednesday-Cloudy and 57

Thursday-Sunny and 54

Friday-Sunny and 53

The Slave Trade

Have you ever wondered where your slaves came from? The slave trade is the process in which we trade with the Africans, and in result we receive a shipment of slaves. These shipments of slaves are shared between Europe and America. This trading process, known as the triangular trade, is a three step route beginning in Europe. The first step of the trading process is sending ships full of trading goods out of Western Europe to Africa. The most common trading goods are weapons and gun powder. There we exchange the goods for a certain amount of slaves. After packing the ships with the slaves, the ships leave for a journey across the atlantic to America. These journeys usually takes several months. In America, a portion of the slaves are brought to auction. Then, the rest of the leftover slaves are shipped back to Europe, along with the trading goods. This overall process takes about a year and a half.
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ADSERVICES-slave Trade Inc

For the next month, Portuguese rulers are having a sale on slaves. For this special time, you can buy a black slave family for the price of a working male. What a deal! Show off these slaves and look like the richest person on the block. These slaves can do any work you need them to. They can be messengers, do dirty work of farming, go into the town to buy necessities, and best of all, you can show them off by making them do these actions.


Afonso de Albuquerque- A great commander of the Portuguese army was lost today, Afonso de Albuquerque was shot in the line of duty while leading the Portuguese in the Persian Gulf, on the way to Goa. This great leader was known for being the first European to reach the spice Islands, as well as being the explorer that discovered the Papua, New Guinea.

Ferdinand Magellan- The minor Portugese nobleman who is credited for having the first expedition to circumnavigate, or sail all the way around, the globe, has passed away. Ferdinand Magellan's legacy also included being the namer of the Pacific Ocean, which literally means "peaceful". Even though he did not survive the entire journey, Magellan's crew became the first ones to sail all the ways around the world, discovering an easier passage to the Pacific Ocean while they did.

Osei Tutu- Osei Tutu, an able military leader of the Asante people, died yesterday while trading slaves and gold for firearms to a European trade group. The Europeans took advantage of their firepower and killed Osei Tutu, along with his posse of Asante traders. A monopoly on the gold and slave trade was created by Tutu, as well as the defeating of the Denkyera people in the late 1600s.

Interview with a Native of Japan, On the Topic of Colonialism in Japan

Hello. I'm John Smith, with Bao Ching, a native inhabitant here in Japan. The topic of the interview is colonization and its effects on the natives there.

I- So Bao. Do you have a family? If so, how large?

B- Yes, I do. I live with my wife and 4 children, so a family of 6. It is a hard life, supporting a family of this size.

I-I would imagine it is. Have you noticed any strange-looking people recently?

B-In fact I have. Over the last 4 years more and more odd looking people have been walking and shopping in the city.

I-Have they affected you and your family at all?

B-In fact they have. The Christian people have come to our house and talked to us. They told us about Catholicism and what the God they believe in has done in the past. They convinced me and my wife that their God should be our God. So I switched to Catholicism.

I- Interesting. What about the new thought of gunpowder and guns?

B- Very cool. They are the greatest weapons in the world. They throw stones fast. I do not have the luxury of owning a gun, but I have seen one shoot. It is very interesting.

I-Cool. What is your overall opinion on these new people and their possessions?

B- The new people are a change. I am not sure I like them, with their complicated toys and religion. They do not seem to understand the way of life, or it is different where they come from.

I-Thank you very much for your time, Bao Ching

AdServices- MapsAndMore

For a discounted price, you can get a map that Prince Henry himself designed, for a low, low amount of 1,000. This map includes the coastline of the tip of Africa and some of South America. With this map, you could travel on a glorious adventure, exploring lands unexplored by the average person. By traveling on this adventure, you could also eventually get spice on the island chain of Molucca for a limited time price.

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Astronomers in earlier times often used a tool called an astrolabe to tell the time of day. Renaissance sailors used them not only for navigational purposes, but for seeing where there ship was on the earth latitude-wise. This proved very useful, especially as sailors rounded the globe and explored places few human beings had ever been to before. Since the astrolabe was so simple to learn how to use, many new sailors used it. All they had to do was look through the astrolabe at a sun or star, and line up the correct wheels on the tool to get a good representation of where they are on the earth, as well as the local time of their position. Astrolabes began to be mass produced in port cities, so even though they looked complicated to make, they became relatively cheap and easy to find. The astrolabe was an old tool that was repurposed for use in the Renaissance Era.

Word Search Fun!!

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The Line of Demarcation In The New World

Pope Alexander VI has recently announced his take on the exploration and colonization of the New World. He has stated that there is to be an imaginary line drawn through the New World, running vertically. It would be located 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands. Portugal will claim all the land east of this line as theirs, and Spain will claim all of the land west of the line as theirs. It truly is funny to see all the silly Christians make a big deal about this. The Pope is trying to exercise his aberrant power over his foolish followers. The cause of the line is simply to make Portugal and Spain play nice in the New World, and not to argue and bicker over unused land. The Spanish are taking a huge risk, not knowing how much land lies west of the Line. The Line of Demarcation is a foolish idea from a foolish ruler, one who is trying to regain his followers and believers.

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