Friday Focus

NEISD Library Services

Friday Focus for Week of February 8 - 12, 2016

In this Friday Focus:

  • Librarian Accolades
  • Librarian Spring PD Opportunities
  • New Summer Program - Books & Bites on the Bus!
  • Friends of NEISD Libraries
  • University of North Texas SLIS Cohort
  • Staff Digital Citizenship Training (Repeated Announcement)
  • Reminders & Updates

Librarian Accolades

Congratulations to:

Roxanne Jenke, Lopez MS, Lopez Teacher of the Year

Christie Hirst, Bush MS, $250 Grant from Select Rehabilitation to promote literacy among the students

Please let us continue to recognize you for your accomplishments by sending an email to let us know of them. These recognitions help shine a bright light on our library community.


Click on the link below to view: Librarian Spring PD Offerings

New Summer Program - Books & Bites on the Bus!

Library Services is so excited to be partnering with School Nutrition Services to provide a new summer program - Books & Bites on the Bus! (The name isn't official yet, but we like it!)

Sharon Glosson, Executive Director for School Nutrition Services has obtained a school bus that is being retrofitted with booth style seating and air conditioning to allow students to eat a healthy lunch inside the bus. We are going to provide library books to be checked out to the students after they have eaten.

Many details are still to be worked out, but we are super excited by the possibilities of providing students reading materials during the summer months.

If you have PlayAways or Nooks that are no longer circulating and you'd like to donate them to this program, please follow the directions below.


  • Check out PlayAways to the weed user WD###.
  • Do not mark out the campus barcode; it will be replaced.


  • Send the NEISD tag numbers to Mary Beth to remove from CRMS.
Please send all donated materials to Library Processing with a note indicating your school name and marked B&B/B.

If you have questions, please contact either Mary Beth or Kim. Thanks!

Bus image:


Friends of NEISD Libraries

We held the first planning meeting for the newly forming Friends of NEISD Libraries group on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by 21 librarians and interested community members. Goals and objectives were generated and sub-committees were formed to explore by-laws and to write a mission statement for review. The next meeting will be March 8 from 3:30 - 5:00, at CLC 202.


University of North Texas SLIS Cohort

Marty Rossi, Project Manager for Digital Resources and Library Services at ESC20, reached out to us and NISD Library Services to offer a unique opportunity to co-sponsor a UNT School Library Cohort group. More details will be shared as they are known, but what we do know now is that the program will begin this summer and that we will need ten students (total) to commit to the program by the end of April/beginning of May.

There will be at least two recruiting events scheduled in March; one in Northside and one in North East. A flyer detailing more information will be sent to you soon, but in the meantime, please be thinking of those teachers who might be interested in becoming a school librarian.


Staff Digital Citizenship Training (Repeated Announcement)

Reposted from Tom Johnson, Excellence by Design district communique

For the past five school years, NEISD students have completed digital citizenship lessons designed to engage, inform and provide healthy strategies as they utilize a vast array of digital resources for both instructional and social means. Last May, data from the Clarity BrightBytes survey revealed on 43% of NEISD teachers feel knowledgeable about creating an online presence. Therefore, Executive Staff has approved the creation of a digital citizenship course to be completed by all certified employees. This 60 minute online course will cover the following topics:

  • Professionalism online

  • Personal branding

  • Password creation and security

  • Personal safety

  • Intellectual property

A 20-question online quiz will be administered at the conclusion of the course. Employees who do not earn a minimum score of 70% will be allowed to attempt the quiz again until a passing score is earned. All NEISD certified employees (non-hourly) are expected to complete the Digital Citizenship online course and successfully pass a 20-question quiz by April 1, 2016. Please contact the Help Desk at 356-43567 for assistance with course access if needed.

Note from Library Services: Register for and complete the course in Eduphoria (see eCourses).


Reminders & Updates

Magazine/Periodicals (Action Required)

Magazine/periodical renewal forms are due to Library Services today. Please send your request forms as soon as possible. Many thanks to the librarians that have already submitted their forms!


Bluebonnet Luncheon Ticket (Repeated Announcement)

Bound to Stay Bound has one free ticket to the Bluebonnet Luncheon. If you will be at TLA in Houston and would like to be in a drawing for this ticket, please respond to Mary Beth.


Spending Deadline (Action Required)

The spending deadline for second half of book budget is Monday, Feb. 15.


Book Carts

Ruth Ann Pippert at Wilderness Oaks has 2 full sized, tan book carts in great shape that are up for adoption. If you are interested, please contact Ruth Ann.


PD Opportunities

Please remember to check the PD Opportunities link each week as new sessions are added frequently.