Save The Grizzlies

Grizzly Bears in Alberta are endangered, and need help

What is a Grizzly Bear?

There are many types of bears in this world, but the one to be most worried about in Alberta is the Grizzly. Most adult female Grizzlies weigh 130–200 kg, while adult males weigh on average 180–360 kg. The average total length in this subspecies is 198 cm (6.50 ft). Newborn bears may weigh less than 500 grams (1.1 lb). The Grizzly Bear is a threatened species, and every Albertan must take action to conserve them.

The Endangerment

What are the dangers that exist for the Grizzlies?

The bears are now an endangered and threatened species. They are still hunted illegally, and the government is not taking enough action according to Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan. The main problem is their loss of habitat. Invasion of their living space by roads and also construction of residential places are causing major problems. This habitat loss is a critical factor in the low population of grizzlies, because these animals are very territorial. Another problem is that their food is sometimes mixed with garbage and litter, causing them to become really sick. Since these animals are close to extinction, we humans have to be very cautious of what we do.

What are some Organizations that help Grizzlies in Alberta?

There are many existing organizations to help save the Grizzly Bears in Alberta, the major ones being; Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan, Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee (ESCC), Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Team and so many more. Everyone can join and help the Grizzlies by simply staying informed and doing their part in society.

Can you Help, if you can, how do you help?

We can all contribute in help saving the Grizzly Bears in Alberta. The main problem is loss of habitat, and to help that we have to stop invading their space. We have to leave them alone. We can donate money to organizations to help in saving them, we can adopt a grizzly bear, and do as little as become a member of a organization and stay informed. You can stop littering in wildlife areas so garbage does not affect the grizzly food source.