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Kahoot! works with ...

Five Easy Steps to Making a Kahoot!

1. Create an account at

2. Click on Quiz

Name it, then click on "Go."

3. Compose your questions.

Adjust timer, add an image or video to each if you want. You can delete answer choices if you don't want four for each question.

Don't forget to choose your correct answer!

4. Click on the green button "Next: Settings"

It's nice to share...Together We're Better!

Choose public or private, your audience, add a description, and tag.

5. Click on the Green button "Next: Cover Image"

You can create your own cover image or leave it blank. For my quiz today, I created a 1 slide Google Presentation, then downloaded it as a .jpeg file and uploaded it at this step.

You can also choose to add a video clip in this step.

Big image

How do I access my Kahoot if I don't play it immediately?

Big image
When you sign in, you will see up in the upper left corner a menu, and you choose "Me." A list of your Kahoots will appear. Choose the one you want to play.

Things to Remember:

  • getkahoot is the "teacher" site
  • is the "player" site

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Kellie Lahey:

  • Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD District Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Google Education Trainer
  • Techs4Tex Foundation Board Member

With more than 25 years of classroom experience, I am passionate about helping teachers ​bring the best instructional practices and digital tools together for student success.

I love learning, and I believe educators thrive when we operate in communities of learning: Together We're Better!