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Spainsh songs

Summary Paragraph

--I found the Music Artist {Kari Jobe} on the radio so I looked up some of her other songs and I heard her wonderful other song calledc"Mi Corazón Tranquilizarás"

Which is a song on her Spanish album that came from a song called "Steady My heart.".

--I liked listening to it on some of my road trips for a sense of variety.
-- I know of some other Spanish singers but I listened to Kari Jobe songs because I think its a nice tempo. And I love her lyrics
-- I really like allher songs, because she really prenounces the Spanish words clearly so even I can hear them.
-- I selected this option because I felt like I was comfortable with it and knew a lot about it.
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Kari Jobe - "A mi Corazón Tranquilizarás" (Official Spanish Lyric Video)

Reflection Paragraph

--I think one of the purposes of exploring culture is to all of what God has created. And in this Music CD even people who speak Spanish have the same songs to listen too. So we can all sing together.
-- I believe that it relates in a way of what the lyrics say, that we can all call on God when our days feels like nothing ever goes right. And all around the world we have trouble, some times other country's have more but overall God can give us the strength to get through it.
-- Over all Kari Jobe's whole album I think really reaches the hearts of what everyone is feeling.

To get to know more about Kari Jobe go to her facebook page below.